Manjaro 18.1.4-rc2 is online now!

We are happy to announce our current RC of Manjaro 18.1.4. This time we updated to linux54 series, which will be the next LTS kernel. Give it a try and let us know.


  • linux54 as LTS kernel series
  • fixes to our themes
  • pamac got finally released as 9.2
  • latest Plasma5
  • small adjustments to Gnome
  • updated Packages on our XFCE edition

any news of the 5.4 kernel in regards to breaking prime synchronization. seems to be a problem on all 5.4 kernels for anyone using a PRIME setup (not render offload). since manjaro's first rc releases of 5.4 it's been there, i get the same behavior on arch linux(5.4) and linux-zen(5.4)

so far i have not seen a single prime user with working prime sync when using kernel 5.4, seems to be consistently broken on all 5.4 variants

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Hey, AMD Vega 8 and Vega 11 owners... how things go there with 5.4 kernel? :slight_smile:

nice timing on pamac 9.2. which one do i want? thanks

checking update manager looks to be 2 9.2's.

pamac-aur-git 9.2.0-1
pacam-aur-tray-appindicator-get 9.2.0-1

The removal of gem_prime_res_obj hook might need some changes by Nvidia. See also here.

i would like to say i understand that article but i dont :frowning_face:. if prime sync support is dropped, users are only left with render offload :man_facepalming:. i hope thats not the case, render offload sounded cool when it first came out, but IMO it's like big hair in the 80's, a terrible mistake. :sweat_smile:

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there is NO drm nvidia , only drm nouveau ,
that means also need drivers nvidia to works on off load ?

And that problem is?

i dont understand what you mean. the nvidia drivers still support options nvidia_drm modeset=1 and nvidia.drm_modeset=1 with any kernel other than 5.4 it enables prime sync. render offload is in no way a suitable replacement for prime.

I'm sorry, wrong thread :sweat_smile:

Plasma's looking and running really slick, great job!

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If I installed from KDE 18.1.4pre2 and installed all updates, is there any other difference between my system and 18.1.4rc2, excluding changes I made manually?

You can always check the #announcements:testing-updates thread and see which packages were added or removed between updates.

I was wondering about changes to the ISO, not the testing updates. I have installed all testing updates.

Yes, I know. If packages were added to the repos and/or to your DE / WM ISO profile, you would not have them installed doing regular updates.

for me its worse
i am happy using

he asked how its with vega 11
i said its worse
you will know how it feels once you open firefox and play youtube.
then it freezes and unless you restsrt using
reset button .
it wont unfreeze

Oh, shoot. Sorry, I thought you were replying to the other guy. Apologies.

Great Manjaro keep on moving :slight_smile:

Please, just don't use these git versions, there are for pure Archlinux installations, not for Manjaro. I'm maintainer of this splitted PKGBUILD on AUR.

Here is what you can read in the PKGBUILD:

# Only for Manjaro users who should not use it...
# End of Manjaro users section

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