Manjaro 18 beta 2 icons and panel bug

Today I installed manjaro 18 beta 2. Everything seemed fine but when I rebooted I saw this: Przechwycenie%20obrazu%20ekranu_2018-06-25_18-48-53 icons were changed and i cloudn't change them to others and panel was weird buggy white. What should I do?

Beta 3 was released a couple of days ago, so I suspect that you might be using beta 3. If so, you can change the title of your post. (Also, there is a thread already for discussion about beta 3.)

I see the same problem in beta 3. Specifically, although panel preferences are set to "use system style" for the background, the panel background does not pick up the system style, no matter which system theme is selected.

This issue is due to some theme bugs. It doesn't happen too often in Beta3. Sometimes a re-login helps. Currently we are still searching for the reason ...

Nope, I have beta 2

Simply update to the latest packages available and try with a reboot.

Updated, rebooted, but problem continues.

Edit: Rebooted a second time (with no further updates), and the problem seems to be resolved.

Edit: Rebooted a third time, and the problem is back.

And sometimes a re-login brings the problem back. :wink:

For me update worked thx

To test, I installed the Equilux theme from the AUR, which is a theme independent of Manjaro development. With the Equilux theme selected, I see exactly the same problem:

I don't think the problem resides in the themes themselves.

Edit: Running this command did correct the problem with the Equinox theme (without a reboot):

xfce4-panel -r

After rebooting, the problem remained corrected. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see the problem return upon a subsequent reboot.

To fix the issue you should execute xfsettingsd from the whisker menu or from the terminal.

@philm An update for xfce4-settings has been pushed out from the xfce dev team, is there any difference with this version?.

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When I execute xfsettingsd from the Whisker menu or from the terminal, nothing happens.

How does your suggestion help @philm to fix the problem?

Xfsettingsd, is a command that is responsible for all the theming and general settings of the desktop, so if you execute this command from another desktop environment the settings from xfce will be loaded automatically, if the command isn't run at startup then you'll end up without any custom icon theme or GUI theme, just like the desktop loads in xfce gtk3, the command works for me all the time. BTW does it print any output?.

In the Whisker menu, Xfsettingsd does nothing.

In the terminal, Xfsettingsd displays nothing and hangs. I have to type ^C to proceed.

try with xfce4-settings --replace or xfsettingsd --replace, and if still nothing, without the replace option. After executing this you should be able to change icons or themes.

Well, your command works as well as redrawing the panel, which I suggested in a post above. Your command works initially, but the fix doesn't persist after a reboot.

use small letter "x"?

Just "xfsettingsd" alone works to restore the theming of the panel and whisker menu. No need for --replace or the xfce4-settings command.

But I think you're right that the fix does not survive a reboot, even with the command in autostart.

It's always the first login after reboot that has the problem. I got so fed up I made a shortcut launcher for xfsettingsd.

Well for me it does persist after reboot :thinking: , its just the first boot that gives problems

In beta 4, I'm not seeing this problem.

There we added a working workaround. We are still looking into that issue, though.

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