Manjaro 19.0.1 Cinnamon is faulty

I used the latest Manjaro 19.0.1 cinnamon and found it is faulty after answering all the questions and clicking on install it It then comes up with errors. When closing down all the grub was lost.

I had to download 18.1.5 cinnamon on another machine and made a USB and installed Manjaro again to recover my four distros on the grub screen.

Somebody needs to fix this.

Partitioning was fixed with 19.0.2. We might have soon an updated ISO.

Great look forward to it . Can I upgrade from 18.1.5 or do i have to do a fresh install?

We are a rolling release. Versions are only for the installation medias. Simply update. If you want to install a new Manjaro OS, always use the latest ISO images.

Do you think it is safe updating or should I wait for 19.2 cinnamon

Please, please, please spend some time exploring what Manjaro is and how it works. Your forum questions--to this point--are mostly because you have failed to do so.

Please don't be a Help Vampire. :slight_smile:

Friendly thanks for your advice please don't mind if i do not take it.

Hmm. People that arrive here with an air of entitlement don't generally fare so well. People that dig in and learn their systems instead of poaching help do much better.

Your choice.


Worth reading:

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Do you think it's possible to get this, and like a couple other of the essential new guy/start here links as a sticky in the "newbie" section.

Suggestions welcome.

I know the "wiki" is at the top of the page, but an actual link in it would be even more helpful. And then lastly maybe a link to

and then it seems like the vast majority of issures are grub and dual boot related. Maybe those two tutorial/links to go with it? (I'm looking for a couple of good ones currently)

@Marte is the grub fix guru, maybe they have a suggestion?

And in the words of @tbg Make sure you try at least the other LTS kernels!


Perhaps also a link to the user guide:

Thanks for your kind words!
I do really consider myself to be much of a pupil of @gohlip! Still have a long way to go to reach his level of knowledge regarding boot-process, grub etc.

The following is all in the Wiki, but I put it here as well:

Installation guide
How to restore Grub

OK, I've expanded it a little. I don't want to put too much in there otherwise it's just another FAQ post which duplicates the FAQ posts...


I totally agree. I thought like 6-7 links tops and just read this, don't be a vampire, and if this post doesn't help you, please post.

I think it's perfect. It's a concise, simple thread to link newbie questions to if they seem like they just posted without a single search or anything.

Thank you so much!

Over back to you..

But... ε“ͺι‡Œε“ͺι‡Œ. :laughing:
Hope your Chinese comprehension has reached this level. :laughing:

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I do really hope so!

ε“ͺι‡Œε“ͺι‡Œ, ζˆ‘ηŸ₯ι“ζ˜―δ»€δΉˆζ„ζ€, ζ€ŽδΉˆη”¨.

I hope I got it somewhat correct now. :blush:

Heh heh.. See this post for an explanation and a joke.

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I have now loaded the latest Manjaro Cinnamon and the problem has been fixed.

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