Manjaro 20.1 on VMware - black screen after fresh install

This is happening on a Lenovo T480s (i58250U, intel graphics)

Problem: I created a vm in Workstation Player 15.5 of 20.1 Xfce (2GB RAM, 10GB drive space, everything else default). The graphical install appears to go fine (I confirm timezone, user name, passwords, etc..) until the first reboot is prompted. After rebooting the machine appears to boot to a black screen. My mouse pointer disappears when it passes over the area where the screen would be. I cannot enter any information or click on anything because it is black and provides no feedback.

Note that I installed the exact same vm with the exact same settings and software (Workstation Player 15.5), but on my PC, and it worked perfectly. This seems to be an issue related to the laptop hardware, I guess?

I installed a vm of Debian on the T480s just be sure, and it installed and is working fine.

Any idea where I should start with this?

Try enabling 3d acceleration in the vmware settings for the vm?

Sorry, I should have mentioned that was already attempted.

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