Manjaro and Arch repository with privacy oriented software

I would like to invite all of you to the site and repo we have created recently.
Having noticed that some privacy oriented software was not easily available, we started to prepare, build and provide some of it with this repository. This makes it easy to install and upgrade these applications without having to build them yourself.

As for now there is Ungoogled Chromium (caidao) and LibreWolf (librewolf) available. But stay tuned, there will be more.
More information (including how to use it) available on

Ale the credits for the work go to @ohfp with my little help.

Edit - 01.08.2020

What we have now:

  1. Caidao - ungoogled Chromium
  2. LibreWolf - browser based on Firefox with more than 500 privacy/security/performance settings, patches.
  3. Signal desktop.
  4. Ferdi Messenger - more info at
  5. Teams-for-linux - unofficial client for MS Teams -
  6. lrzip-git - A compression utility that excels at compressing large files -
  7. uhk-agent -
  8. Bitwarden - Open Source password Manager
  9. Hamsket - Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app
  10. Jitsi Meet Desktop - Open Source Video Calls and chat
  11. Standardnotes - Open Source, and completely encrypted notes app

Very nice.

Maybe explain a bit about what the applications does compared to the repo software.
Like, why use Caidao instead of regukar Chromium. :slight_smile:


This is pretty much just ungoogled-chromium but with separate branding (based on the former inox patchset). I keep this maintained mostly because a differently branded chromium allows me to have an ungoogled chromium and a regular chromium installed side by side.

...what I find odd about this though

is that of the only 2 packages in this repo .. they are both in the AUR and both also have pre-built binaries in the AUR as well.

2 aur/librewolf 74.0-2 (+6 0.45%) 
    Community-maintained fork of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.
1 aur/librewolf-bin 74.0-2 (+7 1.06%) 
    Community-maintained fork of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.

..oh wait.. scratch that .. the ungoogled-chromium-bin packages have been removed

I know you can see it on the projects websites. But if the plan is to add more software, it might be a good idea to list them on the webpage, since they actually have a webpage. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there binaries for aarch64 of ungoogled-chromium ?

Well, mainly because it's ungoogled. It is not dependent on any of google web services which is not the case with Chromium.
And to be honest caidao, at this moment, is much faster than FF. It also does not have problems with video or audio conferencing (WebRTC) which FF is unable to accomplish. At least on ARM devices.

There used to be in the AUR.
Now you can get it from a few other repos like jk:
ungoogled itself hosts binaries here:
and theres a handful of other places

Those are arguments for ungoogled-chromium .. but why the choice to specifically use the rebranded 'caidao' instead ?

Once more - where are aarch64 binaries ?

Because it's packaged and easy to install/upgrade in a few seconds ? So you don't have to compile yourself.
Because I can have Chromium and Caidao installed at the same time.
It's for community convenience.

Oh. I didnt realize we were in ARM :wink: no I hadnt seen those elsewhere. That is nice indeed.

No prob :slight_smile:

Just to chime in quickly: I want to add signal-desktop next (as it's somewhat painful to build on aarch64), wire-desktop (just for convenience) and maybe ferdi (less privacy/security-focused, but certainly useful imho). I keep a few PKGBUILDS up at, so everything can always be built from source easily as well.

Very nice.

I see some of the PKGBUILD's have arch=('any').

Is that correct? Will one package built on aarch64, also be able to be used on x86_64?

I strive to keep packages compatible with both architectures where possible, but that's currently not cleanly done in all PKGBUILDs (bitwarden, for example, is aarch64 only; signal-desktop also still has some aarch64-only lines included โ€“ instead, I want to approach it more like in the ferdi-PKGBUILD (or in the librewolf and caidao ones), where one PKGBUILD can be used for all supported architectures. )

The two any-packages (wire-desktop and nordnm) should just work, though โ€“ wire-desktop ist actually just taken from Arch "upstream" and nordnm is written in python.

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Ah okay. I didn't know that wire-desktop could be used that way. It's kind of like Riot-Desktop then.

Signal and Wire desktop apps added to the repo today.
Also new version of Caidao is available.

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New additions and updates. Here is what we have now in the repo:

  1. Caidao - ungoogled Chromium (this is really fast !!!)
  2. LibreFox - browser based on Firefox with more than 500 privacy/security/performance settings, patches.
  3. Signal desktop.
  4. Wire desktop.
  5. Ferdi Messenger - more info at
  6. Teams-for-linux - unofficial client for MS Teams -
  7. lrzip-git - A compression utility that excels at compressing large files -


  1. Caidao updated to version - 80.3987.162-1.
  2. LibreWolf updated to version - 74.0-5.

Also LibreWolf for aarch64 was compiled with WebRTC support. I you want to use it, it has to be explicitly enabled.
More info on how to do this --->


  1. signal-desktop-1.33.0-1-aarch64
  2. ferdi-git-5.4.4.beta.2.r65.g5e53776f-1-aarch64
  3. librewolf-75.0-1-aarch64

New things:

  1. uhk-agent-1.4.3.r18.ge1ffe3ec-2-aarch64 -

Full software listing added in the first post.


Caidao (ungoogled chromium) updated - caidao-81.0.4044.92-1-aarch64

I managed to buidl wire-desktop with electron (version 8.2.1) today. Works fine on my Pinebook Pro too. :slight_smile:


@Strit it's in the repo, so you can use binary. Unless you compiled it for fun :slight_smile:

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