Manjaro Architect 20.0.1 Issues

I have been testing the new Manjaro Architect ISO in Virt-Manager and I have found 2 issues that happen every time i try to install.

The test installation is with encryption and BTRFS

  1. The choice for using the fsck hook is not honored.
  2. The DE choser has a /dev/null option and Openbox:

Also a question. Is there a way to create a swapfile from the installer ?

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Not for btrfs.

Thank you for reporting, this is a bug.

Fsck hook is specifically disabled for btrfs because fsck hook doesn't support btrfs


Expiriencing the same thing about chosing the DE: no gnome, kde or xfce options.123

If there are profiles missing, it is likely because they are somehow broken. @oberon made some fixes today, can you try again?


I think there is an issue with Manjaro repository.
After update about pacman-key i've refresh pacman repository and try run setup but i can't choose Gnome or KDE.

This is the output I get when running profile-validate -v in M-A 20.0.1:

pulling isoprofiles

Testing profile gnome
Profile gnome did not pass the test.
The offending packages are: 
Testing profile kde
Profile kde did not pass the test.
The offending packages are: 
Testing profile xfce
Profile xfce did not pass the test.
The offending packages are: 
Testing profile awesome
Profile awesome passed the test

Testing profile bspwm
Profile bspwm did not pass the test.
The offending packages are: 
Testing profile budgie
Profile budgie passed the test

Testing profile cinnamon
Profile cinnamon did not pass the test.
The offending packages are: 
Testing profile deepin
Profile deepin passed the test

Testing profile i3
Profile i3 did not pass the test.
The offending packages are: 
Testing profile lxde
Profile lxde passed the test

Testing profile lxqt
Profile lxqt passed the test

Testing profile mate
Profile mate passed the test

Testing profile openbox
Profile openbox passed the test

Following profiles failed the test:

It looks like these packages were removed from the repos recently: Repo cleaning


For the first part I couldn't start the installation from 20.0.2 iso because of bad keys
After I did "pacman-key --refresh-keys" it started but still without kde and other DEs.

Judging by this post it looks like the xdg-su package has been removed from the Manjaro repos (its still available in the AUR) and is causing the profile validation for GNOME/KDE/XFCE to fail.

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The profiles from (gitlab) /profiles-and-settings/iso-profiles/community work, but the ones in /profiles-and-settings/iso-profiles/manjaro don't seem to.

bspwm, cinnamon, gnome, kde, and xfce profiles still seem to be broken. Is there any workaround for this so we can proceed installing with Architect?

It is being fixed. Workaround is:

  • choose to add extra packages (you don't need to add anything)
  • from the installation list remove the packages that don't work

We are talking here about the absence of kde, gnome and some other profiles in Architect installation and they still absent. I personally have no problems installing lxqt minimal for example but can't install kde.

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Indeed Manjaro Architect has been broken / unusable for at least 3 days. Several desktop environments are missing. I have provided some additional details here...

Using an older version of the ISO doesnt help due to the nature of the tool.

I don't even get the choose desktop window.

Is there a way to bypass the profile validation so we can install KDE, Gnome, etc., and just remove the problematic package from the list (xdg-su)?

This should not have been marked as a solution, as the issue with the DE chooser is still unresolved and therefore Manjaro Architect is still broken.

Any further update/acknowledgements from the Manjaro Team would be greatly appreciated...

It has been marked as a solution because I got the answers to my topic. The forum is not a bug tracker. As you can see you can still reply to the topic and there are other topics similar to mine from other users. The Manjaro Team can either respond to the topics or just write an announcement. At least this is how I think it should be done.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for an actual solution :wink:

I ran a testinstall. Missing profiles are not a sign of manjaro-architectbeing broken, this is by design. The profiles that are missing are broken because someone removed xdg-su from the repos. Solution is to add it back to repos or remove it from the profiles.

I'll remove it for now until someone who is maintaining those profiles decides what they want to do. Sorry for the long wait, my kids broke my laptop again, which kinda slows down the testing process.

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Aaaah yes, now we have an inside view at the internals of the Manjaro User Acceptance Tests :smiley:
Stay strong!! Ping when you need a test :muscle:

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