[Manjaro Architect] After choosing rEFInd as bootloader I can't boot Windows 10 anymore

Title. After choosing rEFInd as the bootloader in the installation I can't boot Windows 10 anymore. The partition remains, I can still access its files. But there's no EFI/Microsoft folder.

This happens because this bootloader is not designed for Windows 10 you shall swap it out for your original one or the one that supports Windows 10 and Linux

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Uhm, what bootloaders support that and how can I swap them? Thanks for the answer

The standard what comes with linux

Don't wanna sound rude, but to someone who isn't really an expert of Linux that doesn't mean anything at all. Could you be more specific?

I am sorry I can not help with refind I am not expert so I choose the easiest way what is full iso what installs everything needed.

rEFInd works fine with Windows as you can see here. I use rEFInd on all my computers. It works out of the box for me.

I think you accidentally formatted the boot folder, erasing the Windows boot. You're going to have to use Window's Repair to fix the bootloader, then reinstall rEFInd.


Ugh, so I have to create a Windows 10 bootable media? That's troublesome. Well, thanks for your help.

Unfortunately that is the case. At least they are easy to do nowadays.

And after you fix it, go back into Manjaro Architect ISO, go to System rescue all the way at the bottom, mount your drives, remember the boot partition needs to be mounted to /boot/EFI, then "install bootloader".

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Without formatting this partition!!

Sorry to annoy you again, but I've booted from the media. I went to the repair section and advanced options. How can I fix the bootloader, now? Tried system startup, but it didn't do anything.

Nvm, I did the steps mentioned here (first part) https://www.diskpart.com/windows-10/repair-windows-10-uefi-bootloader.html
Now, I've booted from the Manjaro Architect iso. Went to System rescue, but can't understand where can I mount the drives without losing my data

While waiting for realmain to advise how to do it from Manjaro Architect,
here's another method without reinstalling.

Refer this topic..

Use the [More Complicated Setups] to boot into your installed Manjaro OS.
I assume your $esp (fat32) partition is mounted as /boot/efi.
If it is mounted as /boot, use the [Special Cases] Section instead.
And yes, you can use this method without having grub in your OS.

After booting up to your OS, at terminal,

sudo pacman -Sy refind-efi 
sudo refind-install

That's it.

[edit] - you may need to sync the repositories before doing the commands with
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5

I want to make a few things clear as to avoid any problems in the future.
I don't want to reinstall anything, my Manjaro works perfectly. The only problem is that I can't boot Windows 10. The partition is there (from Manjaro I can still access its files such as Program Files/), but it missed /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/efibootmgr.efi. Now, after booting with Windows 10 installation media and reparing the bootloader I have the the /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/ folder, although efibootmgr.efi is still missing. When booting from Manjaro Architect ISO media and going into System Rescue I can find no option to mount my drives. I can find in other options, but those seem likely to erase all my data so I'm not sure on what to do.

which means you have still not fixed Windows boot.
You must first do that.

What realmain and my instructions are to get back your manjaro boot after you fixed windows boot. Fixing windows boot will destroy manjaro's boot (if they are sharing the same $esp).
realmain and I do not have any instructions here on getting back your windows boot.

Hope this is very clear.

ps: the windows efi file is /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi not efibootmgr.efi

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Sounds like your Windows Boot isn't fixed yet, so you need to fix that.

First go to Prepare Installation -> Mount Partitions. Mount / & /boot/efi. DO NOT FORMAT. Then go to System Rescue -> Install Bootloader.

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Thank to you both. But after I fixed Windows's bootloader, Manjaro continued to work. rEFInd remained, I just had to change the bootloader's order and that's it. Easier than I thought :smiley:


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