Manjaro Architect on VirtualBox skips menus and questions


when trying to use the Manjaro Architect in VirtualBox, it just skips a bunch of menus and questions.
Like I got to install Desktop, it asks what kernel I want, after that it just jumps to like the timezone settings and asks me if I really want to use an african timezone.
Kind of feels like it is taking the single press of the "Enter" key as me holding it down.

Never had that problem anywhere else and other Manjaro flavours work fine.
I am using VirtualBox version 5.2.34_Ubuntu r133883 from the Ubuntu 18.04 repos if that is of any concern.

Are you using the architect iso?

If so, try one of the other ISOs. They all contain architect but with the other ISOs you can use a terminal and not be tied to a TTY.

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I tried running the architect in Manjaro-Gnome. Works fine in there.
Definetly thanks for the help.

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