Manjaro-Architect UEFI installation on VB issues

The impression sounds accurate

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and this is why:


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...and for a more categorical comparison of various bootloaders, such as grub, systemd, refind, ...
I follow the "greenist" one. :wink:

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@AgentS What's

Hold on me please!
I got into a UEFI (v.2.1) shell commandline.
Now what?

Seems to have some incomplete information. Refind works with xfs, you just need an extra driver (which m-a installs automatically if needed). The driver for nilfs2 is super slow though...

@gohlip I 've got 3 efi boot options
with Shell> bcfg boot dump -v
I have
0: DVD
1: HD
2: Shell

I moved 1 to 0 (Shell> bcfg boot mv 1 0)

How can I boot now or reboot?

Try to boot HD.
If it fails, try Shell

If both don't boot, try this.
If Manjaro boots, provide
findmnt -s
efibootmgr -v

I am assuming an actual install, if that is on VM, @Chrysostomus will have to help out.

This is true

Over to you @Chrysostomus

What are you trying to do? I thought it worked now? If you are wondering about changing the bootorder, just remove the live iso from the virtual machine

It is removed.
Regretfully I got in UEFI shell.

Aah. It's just virtualbox efi being stupid. Changes to the bootorder are not preserved between reboots. See here:

I changed boot order from VB Machine settings. Removed CD option, it's only HD and it stills goes str8 to UEFI shell.
No way to boot from the shell?

Sure you can boot from there, you just don't want to on regular basis. Just navigate to your bootloader efi file (refind.efi or grub.efi) and run that as a command, using the whole path. Something like


caveat emptor, I haven't actually ever done anything in efi shell.

I am currently doing some try-and-error with scope to make a proper Restore Grub wiki.
I have started with the M-A cd and got into Grub shell. It's fun!
I will report back in a while.

Here is a good explanation of efi shell

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It was simple enough. Just needed to follow the manual.
I booted again with M-A CD and used grub shell to find the proper mounts.
After I got in the VB OS, installed and updated grub.
I just had to copy core.efi to EFI/boot/bootx64.efi as I concluded from the provided link.
The only error it gives is "not able to register EFI" or similar, which is from VB, of course.
Reboot with no CD and had Grub normal and working.
So, doesn't M-A not do that for UEFI installations @Chrysostomus ?

That's what the "make default" option should do

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