Manjaro-ARM 18.09 released!

At the start of the month I pushed out version 18.09 of the manjaro-release package for ARM.

Download here!
Torrents are also available from the same location.

New images are available.
Raspberry Pi 2/3: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid C1: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid C2: Minimal and LXQT
Odroid XU4: Minimal and LXQT


  • New kernels
  • Updated packages in general
  • Odroid C2 images now use the mainline kernel 4.18
  • Automatic resizing of filesystems on first boot (device will reboot once when first powered on)
  • Torrents for all images also available

What about other devices?
I haven’t been able to test the XU4 image, so please do so if you have an XU4 and report back.

I tried making some pine64 test images, but they do not seem to work. Will try again when support for it gets into mainline kernel in 4.19 (rumored).

We don’t support any armv6h devices, as that would require extra manpower and a bigger server hosting the repository.

Please consider supporting us via Patreon or by our other options.


can iso works with this product ? (Arm Mali-DP)

No. Our images only work for the devices mentioned in the filenames.
Every device needs specific kernels and bootloader to work properly.

Looks like it's using Chromebook CPU. :slight_smile:

Well if I ever get a supported ARM based device, I will be very happy being able to use Manjaro-ARM on it.

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I just tested the LXQT image on a RPi3b.

It rebooted after first boot as expected and the root partition got expanded to fill the 16 GB of my SD card.

The DE looks quite nice! Also :+1:t3: for preloading Falkon. This is a good choice of browser to preserve memory.

Some issues:

  • When I click on "Computer" or "Network" in PCManFM I get an "Operation not supported" Error box.
  • When I try to install a package with Octopi, after entering the user password I get "Child 'su' process failed! su: authentication failure". Installing with pacman works as expected.
  • Network manager is displayed as a "no way" street sign. It crashes when I try to display the "About" box or when I click on the network connection. The journal only give me this:
Sep 06 17:07:37 manjaro-arm systemd[1]: Started Process Core Dump (PID 1764/UID 0).
Sep 06 17:07:38 manjaro-arm systemd-coredump[1765]: Process 1761 (nm-connection-e) of user 1000 dumped core.                                                                              
                                                    Stack trace of thread 1761:
                                                    #0  0x000000007627dc14 raise (

No idea what I am missing here. Try launching PCmanFM from the terminal and post any output it gives.

This is expected. Octopi uses the root password, not the sudo password.

I don't know how to set up Network Manager in LXQT, as i don't know of any qt applets for it.
But the #0 0x000000007627dc14 raise ( indicate a glibc problem. Maybe it will get fixed with updates along the way.

No luck with that: pcmanfm-qt detaches itself from the console on launch. However I found a message in journal added each time I click on Computer or Network:

pcmanfm-qt[347]: file monitor cannot be created: Operation not supported

EDIT The only reference to that message I found is here. It sounds like it was fixed though. Maybe the fix does not work on ARM?

Don't know. But it seems there was an LXQT release 0.13.1 back in June, that Arch just hasn't updated to...

planing to buy a pi zero w .
any support for that??

Sorry. the Raspberry Pi Zero is an armv6h based device, we only support armv7h and aarch64 at this time.

Can't rule out that we might gain support in the future though. Depends on a lot of things, mainly finances. :stuck_out_tongue:


i got that. i wish i could support , but my country don't support any on-line banking nor petreon .

may i ask can i boot the iso in other armv64 based board?? like rockchip or allwinner soc??

ARM is different than x86.
Usually images for ARM is specialized for specific devices.
So our Odroid-C2 image (our only aarch64 so far), only boots on the Odroid-C2, because it needs a special boot loader.
Also, the images you get for Manjaro ARM are not Live ISO's, they are actually installed file systems, which you DD to your SD card and you have your install.

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shouldn't the Pi 3 be able to use the ARM mainline kernel too? Its arm v8 which is aarch64 if i understand that correctly.

I am actually working on an image for it. Will hopefully be ready for next release.

The problem with the aarch64 one, is that there are no proprietary blobs available for it. Only for the armv7h one. So some things might not work in aarch64.
But so far I have a booting image, both CLI and LXQT. So it is looking good.

interesting. I should get a Pi 3 tomorrow in the mail.

going to test this out to see how far i can get

according to the wiki it has "near full support of the device, including the VC4 graphics" despite not having those prop blob dependencies. Going to check out manjaro aarch64 as soon there is a build available.

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Hello Strit,
Manjaro-ARM-lxqt-xu4-18.09 runs on my ODROID XU4.
After writing the extracted image to an eMMC card I resized the image (1st sector 4096, last sector to max), and then I executed in the /boot directory of the image at the eMMC card.
My ODROID XU4 booted without any problems (at least I did not recognize any).
I set locale and keyboard layout to german, changed the passwords, and did a software upgrade by executing pacman -Suy
command inxi shows

System: Host: manjaro-arm Kernel: 4.14.55-1-MANJARO-ARM armv7l bits: 32 Desktop: LXQt 0.13.0 Distro: Manjaro ARM
Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Hardkernel Odroid XU4 details: ODROID-XU4 rev: 0100 serial: N/A


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