Manjaro ARM Alpha4 for PinePhone and PineTab

Hi @spikerguy,

Yes, that's where I was getting the error. I have since put a sim in the phone and the bluetooth started working, very odd.

Now I can't find the phonecall app however so it seems to be going a bit screwy. Do you know the full application name so I can see if it's installed with pacman?

Also the Spacebar app for texts crashes silently when I try to send one.

Yes plasma phone component and removed the phone app from its components package.

sudo pacman -S plasma-dialer-git pinephone-modem-audio

sudo systemctl enable pinephone-modem-audio


For spacebar, please follow this

As a last step copy the telepathy mission-control accounts configuration file to .local/share/telepathy/mission-control/accounts.cfg.

From this link

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I made my first pinephone call! Thank you very much for your assistance!

I did run into an issue however, the phone app doesn't work with the +44 at the beginning instead of 0. It seems to drop the + when calling.

The spacebar app worked after that fix but after I sent a text to the +44 number it started crashing silently again.

So it only works with local national calls/texts?

Try using leading double 00 instead of plus sign.
For me also local Austrian calls don't work with +43 but with either area code only or 0043 it's fine

Thanks for the great work guys. Is there any way to get the phone to turn off screen when power button is pressed?

I'm have an issue with the keyboard.. When I press () button on the keyboard it produces this (à) letter. I got () character on my wifi password... :weary:

Edit: Character doesnt show up here in the parenthesis for some reason. Its the second character on the top left in the picture...


Currently the button is fixed to lock screen. With lock screen the screen will get turned off in few min. Maybe you can change the lock screen settings and see if you can make it to turn off the screen while actual turn off like it happens on any other phone is still WIP.

With the keyboard issue I agree that keyboard is still very limited. Currently I cannot think of any way to help you with the keyboard issue.
Thanks for trying the alpha image though.

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Just rm /usr/share/wallpapers/manjaro.jpg and try again.

Is there way to stop the wifi from sleeping?


Has there been another change to the pacman tree structure or mirror's ? after an update i did a restart then checked for updates via pacman and got an error for core.db via all mirrors. extra and community worked fine thought.....

Yes there have been some major change in mirror

Will be releasing a new img soon with the new partition system, new mirrors, working audio call and updated plasma apps.



Congratulation to the dev, a linux phone, nice.

Are the apk software able to work with the pinephone?
unfortunately some proprietary software, app won't be dev for the pinephone

Linux cannot handle APK packages, only Android can. So the short answer is no, unfortunately.

However, there are some initiatives to get Android running on top of Linux, such as Anbox. Anbox is still alpha quality software though, and highly unstable. Despite that both Manjaro and postmarketOS have been making quite some progress in the last few months to make it usable, apparently.

How this all develops specifically for the Pinephone and how well it will run performance wise remains to be seen :slight_smile:

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Also be mindful that Alpine linux (postmarketOS) uses the term APK to represent its packages. and that does run on pinephone, but has no relation to android based packages/apps...

Very cool, looking forward to alpha 5! :grinning: (not to be confused with this Alpha 5 :grin: )

I just got the phone. Love it. Thanks for all this work. I run Manjaro Gnome on my desktop for a few years now and hope to get the same experience on the phone, well relatively. Initial install went great. Then I did the update. Now I cannot get much more than unlock the phone. The screen is no longer "zoomed" if that is the term. Things are small in other words. I can enter the KDE wallet password but no wifi.

Just so you know, I am not complaining, just reporting. If I can give you any more info I am happy to, although since I cannot get into the phone it seems difficult.

It may be on me, as I am not a KDE user and may have done something uncool, but I don't think so.

Keep at it! Awesome work!

We are working on new images, since the old ones are, well, old at this point.
It still uses old repos that does not exist any more, so stay tuned for an updated image! :wink:


I used Etcher AppImage and ruined 2 of my SD cards :sweat_smile: I'll just stick to dd

the latest blog mentions the use of CRUST for power saving, will the new image include this driver by any chance? Also a new mesa is mentioned.


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