manjaro-arm-installer to img file?

Hello everyone!

Is there a way to use manajro-arm-installer to create the image for a certain device (rpi3) and keep it as *.img-file?

I'm asking since there is no already build images for Raspberry Pi 3 for download and I'm using mostly Windows 10. Thus, to make a microSD card with Manjaro ARM I need either second installed system or boot from live-USB with Manjaro.

Meanwhile, with the ability to create *.img-file it would be possible to do it in a virtual machine.

UPD. 1:
Found some instructions here, but command

sudo buildarmimg-d rpi3 -e minimal -v 20.02

results in error:

This script is currently broken, so it has been disabled.
Please use buildarmoem instead!



sudo pacman -S manjaro-arm-installer manjaro-arm-tools manjaro-tools-base manjaro-arm-tools-git

To create image:

sudo getarmprofiles -f
sudo buildarmoem -d rpi3-e minimal -v 20.02

You are using an old version of the tools if buildarmimg is not working. The new version (2.8.1) is using buildarmimg instead.
Also, the image you do with buildarmoem probably won't work, since we changed a lot of things in the profiles to match the new tools 2.8.1.

How to upgrade it?
sudo pacman -Syyuu returns nothing to do, however, the freshest version of manjaro-arm-tools seen by pacman is 2.8.0-1

Using Manjaro Gnome 19.0.1 with further updates

The package maintainer probably haven't updated it in the repo yet.

2.8.1 was just released a week or so ago.

Nevermind, instructions are here:

Add repo to your /etc/pacman.conf :

SigLevel = Optional
Server =$arch

Run sudo pacman -Syyu manjaro-strit-keyring && sudo pacman -S manjaro-arm-tools-git

After that:
sudo buildarmimg -d rpi3 -e minimal -v 20.02

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