Manjaro ARM needs a mobile friendly wallpaper

Hi dear artists.

Manjaro ARM has been moving into Phone and Tablet space recently, but we have no mobile friendly wallpaper in our wallpaper package.

So I would kindly ask if any of you could design a good looking, mobile friendly wallpaper?
We would like it to have the manjaro colors, the Manjaro logo and Manjaro ARM name in it. And maybe one for light themes and one for dark themes.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to seeing some good ideas. :slight_smile:

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what sizes are you after? 1440x1280 minimum I take it to allow for reasonable scaling on tablets and side scrolling on smartphone home screens?

Not sure about the side scrolling on screen, but I think 1080x1920 would be great. :slight_smile:

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Fair enough, I didn't know if the phone UI allowed for side scrolling home screens like Android does for burying it in widgets and shortcuts

also, why not call it manjarmo? EDIT - seems you can't legally I guess having read their logo and brand usage terms.

The background pine texture shot was shot with my smartphone. The arm logo is compliant with their spacing requirements (removed). I kept it minimal as you don't want something too jarring and overly complicated as a phone wallpaper. I reckon this would suit light or dark theme. It's the first thing most people replace anyway. I have a few other ideas I'll add later.



Looks nice. Can we use the ARM logo at all?

No Manjaro colors :wink:





The above are just concepts, you'd need to agree any form of reference to arm with them directly see my edit at the end of this post. Is there a particular reason you want the logos on there anyway? Surely a bootsplash would suffice handing over to a custom wallpaper using manjaro hues which doesn't have to feature the logos necessarily.

With regards creating new wallpapers, I'm fairly sure some of the existing catalog of manjaro wallpapers can be cropped to the right dimensions if the creators made them in high enough resolutions. Like this? Obviously ask the creator first if they can do it as these have lost a little quality being rejigged in GIMP.

EDIT - going back to the arm logo, manjaro at some point really need to fill out their permission form as they can stop you from using the arm name regardless of typeface.

Do not replace the logotype with a different typeface.

With that in mind, I'll resubmit my one above without the arm logo just in case they refuse permission and suggest nobody else adds the word ARM in any form either for now.


Mhm, its arm or Arm, not ARM.

I am waiting for the day when apples must be given another name. :smiley:

The pink giant in Germany has probably also started something so that you are not allowed to use its color.

Almost as bad as the seed companies.
I can't eat as much as I want to :face_vomiting:.

If the picture above contains things that are not allowed, it may be deleted.

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Is it worth the risc though? :wink:

I know nobody here wants to land manjaro in legal wrangles that can be avoided. I'm not sure arguing that using the word ARM no matter what case or typeface it is in just refers to the platform or hardware would hold up. They after all invented it and the name.

Further guidance on using the Arm logo

  • Do not alter or deform the shape of the logo in any way. The logo must appear exactly as shown: the elements, proportions and relationships must not change.
  • Do not replace the logotype with a different typeface.
  • Do not imitate any element of the logo, including its trade dress.
  • Please include the following trademark notice in all materials: The Arm word and logo are trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere. All rights reserved.
  • Do not use the logo or logotype as an element in titles, headlines or text.
  • Do not place competing visual elements (including but not limited to other trademarks) close to the logo.
  • Do not set type near to the logo that could be construed as a corporate slogan or motto.
  • Do not display the logo more prominently than your own trademarks, logos and names. This includes, but is not limited to company name, trade name, product name, service name, technology name, social media name or handle.
  • Do not use the logo in any orientation other than horizontally.
  • Do not use or register the logo (or any part of it) as part of another trademark, logo or name. This includes but is not limited to a company name, trade name, product name, service name, technology name, social media name or handle.
  • Do not use the logo in any manner that expresses or implies that Arm has any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval of your product, service or company.
  • Do not use the logo to make fun of Arm or portray Arm in a negative way.
  • Any and all goodwill arising from use of the logo inures exclusively to Arm Limited.

Arm reserves the sole right to alter or refuse any permission to any third party to use the Arm corporate logo if such use does not comply with these guidelines.

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The word "Arm" has been around in German for... (hundred x X) years, long before this company.
So the word is not an invention of this company.

In the declaration (of arm) they only talk about "Arm" or "arm", the corporate blue arm, it could be that my English is bad (it is :wink: )

So Strit will know what to do :slight_smile:

It is also an english word :smiley: :wink:
"The long arm of the law"

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:rofl: amusing but it wouldn't hold up as an argument either.

In the context of referring to an operating system running on their hardware reference design, you haven't got a LEG to stand on I'm afraid.

That part about typeface and colouring is stipulating the only way you should use the brand name in any form of digital or print media representation if permission is granted in the context manjaro would be using it in.


MACADA :slight_smile:

Manjaro for Arm-based Chips And Device Architectures



sounds tasty (macadamia)


not named


That's very nice. :slight_smile:

I like the color play.

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Just a quick on, resized from the original.



thank you for the wonderful wallpapers should go well with my new Pine Phone arriving soon.
The manjaro logo looks really cool I hope to get / order some stickers for my notebooks and phone.

may good health follow you and I wish you all a great evening and wonderful weekend ahead, Lexie.

This one is looking good, I rebuilt an image find on the desktop wallpaper.
I really prefer the light themes.
Sorry, the manjaro logo is missing.


see below the original image found on the desktop wallpaper, I mean the 64 bit os


I forgot this one, with the correct resolution... click on the picture


The geometric one desperately needs some dithering

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