Manjaro ARM on Purism Librem 5

So I found an old closed thread about the Purism Librem 5 here.

I was wondering what current attitudes were to the device given it's now shipping, albeit with a substantial price hike.

That post is over a year old and a lot has changed since then.

First off, Manjaro ARM is making process on the PinePhone. Arch Linux ARM does not seem to be interested, so we are making this on our own.

Secondly, we still don't have a test device. If we get one, we probably would work on getting Manjaro ARM to work on it and would be a great opportunity to work on Phosh too.

Thirdly, even if we had a test device, I am not sure we would have the man power for it right now, unless someone like @spikerguy wouldn't mind working on a second phone. :slight_smile:

But either way, we would need a device to work on. :slight_smile: And we are not paying $700 for a test device. :wink:


Would the size of the user base not be a factor? I'm sure a lot more people will purchase a PinePhone than a Librem 5, but I'm not sure what kind of sales figures are expected by Pine64 and Purism.

Ofcourse the user base size is a factor. But the availability of the device is probably the most important one. Since if we can't get a device, then we can't support the device. :slight_smile:

And @PINE64 has been very generous with development devices.

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If we had a test device then we would need more man hours and with pine64 devices we're already occupied but device like librem5 wouldn't be much of a work if we try plasma-mobile for now instead of phosh as phosh would be all the dependencies to be build.

And yes in no way we should be investing $700 for a test device which might not even end up as a daily driver.

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