Manjaro ARM Preview1 for RockPro64

I am proud to announce Manjaro ARM Preview1 for the RockPro64.




The ROCKPro64 is the most powerful single board computer on offer from PINE64, featuring a Rockchip RK3399 hexa-core SOC as well as a quad-core Mali-T860MP4 and up-to 4GB of dual-channel LPDDR4 system memory. Moreover, the board comes packed with features, including an USB 3.0 and USB type C with DP1.2 port, a full PCIe x4 as well as eMMC module socket. You also get a 40pin header with I2C, SPI, UARTs and GPIOs. The board is backwards compatible with many of the existing PINE64 peripherals, including the Wifi/BT module, camera module and LCD panel but an array of new peripherals specific for the board is also available. All this in the exact same model “A” dimension as the original PINE A64.

How to install:

Download the image/zip file from the download location. Verify that the download completed successfully.

After that, install Etcher (sudo pacman -S etcher if on Manjaro) and burn it to an SD or eMMC card (8 GB or larger).

Put the SD card into the Pinebooks SD card slot or the eMMC on the main board, if you used eMMC, and boot it up. The RockPro64 should recognize the SD/eMMC card as a bootable device and boot from it.

On the first boot, it will display an OEM type install. After you have made your choices it will reboot into your newly setup system.

Known Issues:

  • Favorites not set in menu.
  • No HW acceleration. (yet)


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Great stuff!

I'm going to order one of these to make a video box. Just playing up to 1080p (uncompressed) videos from hard drives for now but maybe 4k sometime (I can't rip them right now)...looks like it can handle 4k esp. if/when HW acceleration comes along. I've never found a commercial box I liked so time to make my own.

Neat that I'll be able to just use Manjaro/KDE on it like my laptop and desktop...what fun! Thanks for making this an option.

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Not sure what i am doing wrong, my wired and wireless both get an ip from router but i am unable to access the internet either from ff or terminal. I will keep messing around and see what i can figure out.

Can you ping

I was able to ping I edited resolv.conf removed ipv6 nameserver and changed ipv4 to restarted and everything is now working.

Great Preview! Thanks.
I can not have sound coming from HDMI out.

Not sure what i am doing wrong, flashed a SD card using balenaEtcher on Windows.
The ROCKPro64 is booting, but no HDMI output.
I can connect via SSH but can't login - any idea which credentials should be working?

Video from HDMI works for me (Full HD resolution) and at the first boot I was asked to configure user name and passwords

Sound does not work on most boards that run mainline kernel.

Thanks Strit, I am new to Manjaro ARM, maybe it could be reported in "Known Issues".

Well, it is for the main releases. :slight_smile: So it will be mentioned in the next release post. :slight_smile:

Any chance the Rockpi4 can be included as very similar SBC?
As pretty exciting with the Panfrost drivers in 5.2 even if still experimental.
Strit you got a repo anywhere?

A repo for what?
There's the Manjaro ARM repo.

We would have to get one to do testing.

Dunno bunged u a beer via donate and forwarded info to Raxda so will just have to see.

There are a lot of RK Boards than run very close and prob good for Arch as there is much less variation than other rockchip SoCs

Even though they are similar they use different dtb files to initiate hardware.
So it might be able to use the same image, with another uboot, some hardware might not work at all.

Yeah I know as that is a pain as means maintaining separate images, but apart from that they are extremely common.
RockPro64 and RockPi4 with PCIe are very close I just prefer the form factor of the RockPi4 with the M.2 for SBC so I have my fingers crossed.
I did forward details, but what really interests me is 5.2 with the panfrost drivers and how that pans out in further mainline versions, but prob excellent timing for rk3399 inclusion as manjaro should run really sweet on that platform.
Is the Rockpro64 going to get an ALARM entry ?

Also just as a last question and just in general with Weston & Wayland is that on the cards also as generally I am getting confused if its losing impetus or delayed in general adoption.

No idea.
That is up to the Arch Linux ARM maintainers.
I did see an unanswered post on their forum requesting it.

I have not tried running Wayland based desktops on them, as of yet.
I did try it on the Pinebook with Gnome desktop at some point. Wasn't a great experience, but that could be because Gnome was slow.

Yeah could be interesting on the rk3399 as a bit more oomf than the pinebook which is rk3288 from memory or something close.

Some says they got Arch going on the forum but lack which source and which uboot.

The Pinebook uses the Allwinner A64 SoC, just like the Pine64-LTS board.

Yep. Some got it running. Even we got it running.
Wether it's gonna be officially supported and maintained by ALARM, is entirely up to them. :slight_smile:

PS: You are welcome to send a RockPi4 my way, if you want us to take a stab at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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