Manjaro-ARM relaunch

Hi all.

As many of you know by now, I have been working hard, together with @dodgejcr, @GrayJack, @cscs and a couple of others, to get Manjaro ARM back up and running.

I am proud to announce, that we are almost there.

What we have ready now:

  • Build server to build the Manjaro specific packages.
  • Repo server to sync packages from Arch Linux ARM and putting our own in.
  • A couple of mirrors doing daily syncs.
  • A test minimal image of Manjaro-ARM 18.05 to get started. Only Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 are supported at the moment.
  • A couple of package managers.
  • Website is getting rebuilt.

What we still need to really get going:

  • Image/Edition maintainers, willing to produce install images for various devices.
  • More package maintainers, mainly kernel maintainers.
  • Image testers. We need testers with, Odroid's and Beaglebones.
  • More mirrors are always welcome. The mirror would need about 50 GB's of space. (repo is around 30 GB now)
  • Maybe more stuff, I can't remember now.

So if you feel like you want to take up one of the tasks above, please reply or PM me and I will hook you up.
I believe @GrayJack is working on a MATE edition.

Got lots of people willing to test images, which is great. I updated the test image to 18.04, with kernel 4.14 so it should boot on the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ too.


On Freenode the #manjaro-arm Channel is still there :wink:


Nice. I don't really use IRC anymore though. @dodgejcr might still be around there from time to time. I don't know.

The official support channel is this forum, but we are also present on:

Link is 404 since posting, Strit

Try it now. Corrected a typo. :stuck_out_tongue:

it's working now, thanks

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i have an Banana Pi :slight_smile: maybe it will be supported in the future?

@zarbol Banana Pi is not supported by Arch Linux ARM, see

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Anyone know if the Tegra 4 is supported? Sorting the list on that link I see a Tegra 2, but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll work on other Tegras obviously.

Entirely depends on what architecture and what kernel it needs.

We won't be supporting it anytime soon, unless someone steps up to do it.

Nods, "My question I suppose is if it runs on Tegra 2, will it run on Tegra 4. I doubt it'd run great, but if it runs at all...."

The bigger question is what device you have with the Tegra 4. I'm not sure of all the devices that uses the tegra4 however, most that I do know of is tablets and phones. We generally will not support phones and tablets as they require modded bootloaders and sometimes much more work to even get working. Once working, supporting the hardware specific to that device is pretty difficult as the manufacturers don't like to release the driver source. There is always some talk of purely open source phones and tablets in the works but until one of them finally come about, we really cant do much.

If there is a device that has a bootloader that can load a standard linux kernel and can be modified outside of the OS that they came with, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Also, that list of supported devices from ArchlinuxArm lists the Trimslice as the device supported. I would strongly recommend to not try to flash/install that OS on any other device. The damage could leave you with some non working hardware or some very difficult to fix hardware (Ive used JTAG to fix a few but its not fun)

I think the big takeaway is, the ARM part of Manjaro-Arm is for Embedded/Single Board computers that have ARM processors. Not the vast amount of personal devices that also use ARM.

I see no reason why not. You may have to help to get it started and maybe even help maintain a few things as we don't have that device. Just because ArchlinuxARM doesn't support it is no reason we cant. If it can run standard Linux, we can make a Manjaro-Arm for it.

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Gotcha. The device in question is a Mad Catz Mojo game console that I have kicking around. Runs android, but the experience isn't real great.

With some quick research, yeah that one may be tricky. I cant find any information about the bootloader or any open source anything when it comes to the hardware involved (outside of the tegra4). Might be a long shot.

Hi, i have Raspberry pi 3 model b, i can tested images for pi 3.

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Super fun, and Raspberry Pi 2/3 is the best place to start. Would hate to see the project get inadvisably bogged down, by trying to broaden out the hardware support too early.

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I am waiting for manjaro-arm very much :slight_smile:
and please add flash plugins ... :stuck_out_tongue:

Flash is dead. I won't add flash-plugin to the Manjaro-ARM repo, since Arch Linux ARM does not have it either.
Not even sure Adobe provides a binary for ARM.

Found this at

You need a more recent Chromium browser by following this tutorial. then you need to install Pepper Flash following this other tutorial. 
Adobe Flash itself is not available for the Raspberry Pi.

ah , if we can install flash-plugins manually on manjaro-arm, it is not worse.
Still for desktop users like me , flash-plugins is needed :frowning:
Thank you for reply Strit :slight_smile:

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