Manjaro as a Virtualbox Guest: additions from ISO or packages?

Hello all! I'd like to try Manjaro as a guest VM in Virtualbox before pulling the plug and installing it as a dual boot on my desktop (but I need a new WiFi adapter for that... so I'll probably have to wait a while).

I'm able to install Manjaro in the VM and is currently up and running, both on a Windows 10 desktop and on a MacOS laptop. However, I'm a bit puzzled about Virtualbox Guest Additions installation. I know I can install them either via the Virtualbox Guest ISO mounted in the desktop, or via Pacman installing virtualbox-guest-utils and linux419-virtualbox-guest-modules.

Apparently, only the ISO method works for me: after installing linux419-headers, the additions installed from the script available in the ISO seem to work fine after a reboot. Anyway I also wanted to try the Pacman based solution, just to have them managed by the package manager; unfortunately, installing the aforementioned packages (virtualbox-guest-utils and linux419-virtualbox-guest-modules) seems to have no effect on my VM even after a reboot. I also tried to install virtualbox-guest-dkms but nothing changed as well.

Unfortunately I'm not skilled in kernel modules, the architecture, and so on... So I'm kinda stuck here. I know I could simply use the ISO addons and live happy... but where's the fun in that? :smile:

So... I would be glad if someone could point me to the right direction! Thanks :slight_smile:

I always thought the guest additions where installed by default. I run Manjaro as the host, and have various Manjaro VMs. And I've never installed the guest additions. The UI resizes when I resize the window. The mouse doesn't get captured when I click on the window. I thought these two features meant the guest additions where installed....

Last I checked, the KERNEL-virtualbox-guest-modules should be installed on any official ISO.
Are you sure it wasn't?

What feature is not present that should be in the guest modules?

The only thing that linuxXXX-virtualbox-guest-modules provides on recent kernels is the vboxsf module, needed for shared folders.

Since kernel 4.15 (or so?), the virtual graphics driver for VBox is already part of the kernel and compiled as a module (vboxvideo). AFAIK it doesn't support the new graphics adapters though.

Guest-utils provide more advanced support like OpenGL support, helper scripts and system config files etc.

Using a Manjaro guest - the additions should be installed from the repo.

Using anything other as guest (Linux, Windows) the ISO is the preferred source.

The reason is Manjaro (like Arch) has precompiled guest-binaries which should be installed from the repo.

Virtualbox kernel guest modules (per installed kernel) and virtualbox guest utils package is all you need.

You should also have Virtualbox Oracle Extensions on the host, this is in AUR if Manjaro host.

Do a search for shared folders, auto mounting doesn't work so either mount them manually or add them to fstab in your VM.

Sorry guys... the forum somehow didn't notify me of the answers!

So, as I said, the host is Windows 10. I'll be upgrade it to a dual boot the next week, since I finally managed to get a WiFi adapter compatible with Linux. I'm still puzzled anyway: I can confirm that those packages don't get installed automatically when I install my Manjaro guest, and when installing them they seem to sort no effect. Could it be some sort of a bug then...?

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