Manjaro as a VM in VMware Fusion: resolution problems

Hi all,

I installed Manjaro on a VM on VMWare Fusion ( Professional Version 11.5.3 (15870345)). It works pretty fine but I'm getting an annoying issue. Basically, it sticks to a non-existent very high resolution (4096x2560) while my Macbook Pro 16 is native at 3072x1920.

I added this resolution following the guide for Arch linux.

Anyway, I get weird behaviours. If I switch to 3072x1920 in Display Configuration I get it only for a few moments and then it switch back to 4096x2560. If I reboot after that, most of the times I get beck into 4096x2560 but, sometimes, I successfully have 3072x1920.

Very weird.

Any hint?

Thanks a lot.

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