Manjaro Awesome 18.1.2 ISO (stable branch) released

Hi all,

=== 18.1.3 has been released, see post below ===

I'm happy to announce a new release for Manjaro Awesome. This build is based on Manjaro Xfce 18.1.2.

Awesome ISO 18.1.2 stable


Full ISO (1.98 GB)

direct | sha1 | sha256 | packages

Minimal ISO (1.18 GB)

direct | sha1 | sha256 | packages


Is anything not working like you expected? Please provide some feedback on what you think about this release.

PS. These ISOs are still following the old naming format. If anyone knows how to make manjaro-tools create the new format, I'll update the filenames.


I usually just rename the isos after creation and then generate checksums after that

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Or just use manjaro-tools-git :wink:

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Maybe the change has not reached to manjaro-tools package?

I know the -git packages has the changes

sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-tools-iso-git manjaro-tools-base-git manjaro-tools-yaml-git manjaro-tools-pkg-git

Oh. It seems like OSDN doesn't allow renaming, and re-uploading doesn't seem worth it. I'll use manjaro-tools-git for the next release.


i should update the kernel to use latest distro or how to upgrade without loosing any data at all?

Just a simple sudo pacman -Syu from a terminal will update you.



A new update for release 18.1.3. This release does use the new ISO file name format. :slight_smile:


  • mesa-demos and lib32-mesa-demos have been removed from the full ISO.

Awesome ISO 18.1.3 stable


Full ISO (1.98 GB)

direct | sha1 | sha256 | packages

Minimal ISO (1.19 GB)

direct | sha1 | sha256 | packages


Any plans to release a 19 ISO ?

Yes, definitely. I'll see to it.


Hi, i installed this iso and updated.
Im using kernel 5.5 and nvidia 418.113 drivers on geforce 750m.

I having screen tearing, what can i do??

Open a new thread/topic and

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Any plans to release Manjaro awesome 20?
Updating went well though from 18.1.2.
I've been on Lysia 20 for a week now and works very well.
An updated iso would be great for troubleshooting (chrooting etc) though.

I'm happy to hear that updating went well.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make new Manjaro Awesome releases. If anyone wants to adopt this community edition, I'm happy to help.

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I cannot adopt it - but I can rebuild the ISO from time to time. Just like the rebuilds of lxqt and lxde.

Obvious build errors will be caught but there will be no changes to theming etc.

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Sad to hear that you can't maintain it anymore.
Maybe someone will adopt it. It's a great Distro (actually the easiest WM so far I have encountered, being a newbie in WMs) and it'd be really sad if it died.

Sad to hear, but hope someone will take over it also wanting a newer ISO

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