Manjaro Awesome ISO 18.0.4

Hi community, i'm proud to announce another Iso for Awesome edition and also announce a new maintainer for this edition; @frankk want to maintain and this is the first edition tested by him, i have only built and upload in our repo after a quick test so for any question @frankk can be the answer :wink:




thanks @frankk for picking up where @Chrysostomus left off. :+1:

This is good !
Good job @frankk

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Thanks @Ste74 for releasing this ISO, and to @Chrysostomus and @Thanos_Apostolou, the previous maintainers. This release is 100% their work, as I have not made any changes yet. This is what was already in the repositories.

I've been using Awesome on and off since 2014, but this community edition was by far the best out-of-the-box experience with Awesome! I have all kinds of plans with this edition, I'll keep you updated!


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I don't know what to say, this is the first community where someone made me an avatar! Thanks! :+1:


Once is always the first time :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

This is really cool. Thank you and congratulations. I've modded mine from xfce4 into awesomewm. Would love to check out your rc.lua files @frankk. Are they on GH? Thanks!

I'm using the rc.lua that was already in the distro. It's here:

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Thanks for the new build.
I'll likely be making my own ISO, since I saw that netinstall is back, but disabled, so I assume this ISO had it disabled during build also.

Calamares netinstall has not really been maintained in manjaro for a while. @excalibur1234 might be able to provide some advice on it.

Netinstall option is available in all isos with manjaro-architect and doesn't require anything special from the iso.

Trying to PXE boot only gives me a 30 second timeout for /dev/disk/by-label which fails.
I read that, in the case of a Live USB, there needs to be an appropriate label. Not sure how to do that when PXE Booting.
I would appreciate the help.

The SYSLINUX config I'm using is:

        MENU LABEL Manjaro 18 Awesome (64-bit) Live
        KERNEL /linux/manjaro/live/boot/vmlinuz-x86_64
        INITRD /linux/manjaro/live/boot/intel_ucode.img,/linux/manjaro/live/boot/amd_ucode.img,/linux/manjaro/live/boot/initramfs-x86_64.img
        APPEND archisobasedir=awesome archiso_http_srv=http://webdir.internal/root/manjaro/
        TEXT HELP
        Boot the Manjaro 18 Awesome (64-bit) Live PXE image

where webdir.internal hosts http sources for my ISO's, both bundled and mounted.

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Any battery improvements lately?

No specific effort has been put in battery life improvements. I'm doing my best to make the Awesome edition similar to the Xfce edition, so battery life improvements in that edition should transfer pretty well. If you have any specific advice, I'm happy to know about it.

TLP can help.

Thank you. TLP is already enabled in the 18.0 release. I only work with Linux in virtual machines (my company provided laptop runs Windows), so I don't really have the opportunity to test whether it actually works.

I have been reading lately about options that can be disabled at the Kernel that helps saving battery, that would require to have a separate kernel for laptops, also am not sure if @philm as done some optimizations to the kernel already to address battery life.

Well then you should have options to have maximum performance on desktop which I don't see.

It's unrelated battery life it's the most important thing in laptops, maximum performance in what part of the hardware, graphic card/WiFi/disk access, there are many variables, many hardware brands, it's up to the user to tune those.

I could swear its that good...its way past what I could of expected and thanks to all for this.

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