Manjaro Bootsplash Maker

Hi there,

Since I really like Manjaro built-in bootsplash system I made a Bash script to easily make my own custom bootsplashes (is this the correct plural form lol).
For now the script is pretty simple, it'll take a png logo and optionally a spinner (gif). Background is limited to black since I haven't already played with all the settings. Instructions and further info on the repo:

Manjaro Bootsplash Maker - GitHub

Please, make sure you know what the script does if you wanna run it and feel free to contribute. Any help to improve this is really welcome :laughing:
There will probably be some bugs since I'm still a newbie in the programming world but I did a bit of testing with some logos and gifs and it all went fine. Hope you enjoy it :smile:


This is very cool.

Thanks for sharing!

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Very cool indeed. :+1:

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Since someone cloned the repo: I'm dumb and I made a stupid error while building the script when using a gif with more than 10 frames (yes, even with the default gif). Please git pull to use the latest version :3

EDIT: I also played with background color. It's easy to set custom RGB values, but somehow png and gif still have black background although they have transparency. Also, when the bootsplash appears, the background is not already colorful, the color is applied from top to bottom and it's a bit weird. By the way, I'll try to investigate because adding a colorful background would take bootsplash customization to another level, resulting for example in more gifs usable (those with a solid background for example) with less work.

I think you might want to look at the creation script from the thing you forked:


Which leverages this stuff:

(notice the bg color lines which are made up of the 3 primaries in the first file, but also how the logo is made transparent with a background of #000000 [black])

Also ... roughly 30 minutes ago they fixed the issue with the gif with more than 10 frames:

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Really really thanks for pointing me there, I'll take a look tomorrow!

By the way holoitsme is actually me (:laughing:), I probably misspoke in my last reply. I am the one who badly wrote the script but I fixed it. I tested with a gif with more than 10 frames and now it works as expected :blush:

haha oh oops. I accidentally selected the wrong tab. hah. yeah the 'original' hasnt seen an update in 2 years. :laughing:

i try it and well it works but still buggy spinner not work correctly

Hi, if you give me more info about your problem I'll try to investigate. Just keep in mind that I simply wrote a script that recreates the script to build the bootsplash, based on official ones. I have no knowledge and power about limitations of this system, I don't know for example if there's a maximum amount o frames or file size (btw I would avoid big gifs).
I'll update the readme as soon as I can to state this more clearly.
By the way I'm open to study more, so please feel free to report your issue in details :blush:

well the buggy spinner fixed after you fix this

now it works flawlessly

Thanks to @cscs I added custom background color support! Somehow I was ignoring that part of code, by the way, really thanks. I also added custom position support. Let me know if I should improve anything, from how the readme is written (I'm not a native English speaker) to the logic or really anything else :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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