Manjaro broken after update


I'm new to Manjaro, although not so new to Archlinux in general.

I've searched for my issue, but similar ones are truely not the same.

So after today's update, my system halted halfway and showed a black screen with a blinking cursor. I had no other option than to reboot. After that, grub showed up correctly, but the system didn't load anything, and after a couple of errors threw me to the emergency shell. But the biggest issue here, is that from there I cannot type anything as the keyboard do not respond at all.

I'm a bit lost, since I didn't do anything fancy, neither while setting my system up, nor when updating it. At most, I have a few AUR package installed, but again no exotic stuffs, only programs.

I'm not home right now, so if you want me to send a photo later I will.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated, but I find it odd that a system update would brake everything so bad...

Try following these steps:

It is because your system ended up partially updated. Partial updates are bad on a rolling release distro.

Thanks @dalto ! I'll test that as soon as I can since it seems to exactly answer my issue. I'll report here just after.

So I successfully chrooted into manjaro, but from there the system told me it was up to date. So I ran mkinitcpio to refresh the kernel, and booted back to the main system.

All seemed ok, until I got into gnome-shell : it refreshed a couple of time and then falledback to GDM. Whenever I try to login, it happen again : couple of refresh, then crash.

I am still investigating ...

EDIT : if I disable all gnome shell extensions, I'm able to launch gnome-shell. I'll try to figure which is causing the trouble.

Thanks @dalto for your precious help !

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