Manjaro-bspwm 19.0.2 released

Manjaro-bspwm 19.0.2

This release is a light update bringing Manjaro Bspwm Edition we know and love to 19.0.2. The most major change; Calamares install (full version only) is now available along with the Manjaro-Architect method. This should lower the bar for new users to start loving bspwm as well.

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Other changes include:

  • Added Etcher for ease of use.

  • Enabled non-free drivers and multilib repositories.

  • The community has spoken; Office suites have been removed by default. If installing from Calamares, you will be presented with the choice of No Office Suite, LibreOffice or, FreeOffice.


This is the Full iso built against Stable branch. Both Full and Minimal versions, with any choice in branch, are install-able with manjaro-architect.


Congratulations and good luck to you as new maintainer of Bspwm edition! I'm happy to pass the torch knowing that it is in good hands.


I'm quite happy that you seem to have mostly kept the visual design and ergonomics as it was! Also I would say that it is good to hava Calamares, because it will always install a system, while manjaro-architect might have issues if package names change or packages get dropped, even if @Chrysostomus said to have improved it.


I was honestly gifted with something incredibly well built. I've got a lot of learning to do before any major design or ergonomic changes. For now keeping it generally suckless with a low entry bar.


This, this beautiful piece of conversation right here is what makes me love the manjaro community.
Trying this now. Thank you for the great work all of you :smiley:


Yes!! Made my week! Thank you @airclay!

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Question: should there be nvidia drivers? on a XFCE Live DVD?

Answer: Nvidia won't provide linux drivers so using their hardware is a pita and will most likely be a hassle to set up with any live iso. Manjaro HardWare Detector does a really good job at setting things up and is most likely used on all manjaro live images

Sorry, what i've meant is: are those kind packages


are beeing packed with the installation media? So mhwd can choose the proper packages at nonfree drivers?


I tried it live multiple times, mostly fine, maybe font size is too big for 1366 screens.
I've just noticed a bug in Firefox, it doesn't start, but it is fixed by an update.

manjaro@manjaro-bspwm Linux 5.4.24-1-MANJARO x86_64 19.0.2 Kyria
~ >>> firefox
[25513, Main Thread] WARNING: failed to open shm: Permission denied: file /build/firefox/src/firefox-74.0/ipc/chromium/src/base/, line 250
ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child 25541
ExceptionHandler::SendContinueSignalToChild sent continue signal to child
ExceptionHandler::WaitForContinueSignal waiting for continue signal...

I've downloaded a couple different copies and have been unable to reproduce the bug. Might be due to the latest firefox update. Unfortunately I don't have a 1366 screen to test rn.

I'm working on a bmenu clone that will be able to set text sizes (hadn't thought of that yet), colors, alpha levels and other theme-ing options rn. Should offer a quick fix for such issues.

Are there lans to release bspwm 20?

Yes, as soon as zsh by default hits in v20.0.1 there'll be an update.


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