Manjaro Budgie 17.0.1 (stable)

Hi Community , Manjaro Budgie 17.0.1 is out :wink:

This release ship the last Budgie Desktop environment release 10.3.1 : the last of the gtk+ release because now the focus of Solus Team is the porting of Budgie Desktop in qt5 .

The isos ship with all software for every day use and if i have missed or not like my choice for app installed you can easily install what you want with our graphical tools .

I hope you enjoy with this release


Stefano Capitani
Manjaro Team


Download page and blog already updated :wink:


Stefano, congratulations, I've been running this version for almost an year now. Very pleasing experience!


Thanks guys! The Manjaro Team is awesome. :slight_smile:


Okay.. So I installed this Budgie 17.0.1 last night but it doesn't offer the option in time/date/calendar settings to change the time from 12h to 24h.

How can I change it through the cli? Also, I want to make it so that shows the seconds.

@Ste74 have you considered refreshing the theme? Have you had a chance of looking at the Pop-theme from system76. I have been using it, and it completely complies with Budgie. It's stunning.

hi, do you mean ? What theme ? :slight_smile:

Just as couple of bugs I noticed after doing a fresh install I did the other day.

1.) Clicking on the date or time on the panel and then Calendar loads Gedit instead of GNOME Calendar. I just installed the gnome-calendar package and the problem was fixed.
2.) Steam wouldn't launch, so I had to edit the steam.desktop file in order to disable DRI3, by passing in LIBGL_DRI3_DISABLE=1 .

These may be "just me" problems, but figured I'd share regardless.

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