Manjaro Budgie 20.0.1 Lysia released

I m happy to announce another community edition updated to Lysia. Manjaro Budgie 20.0.1 is ready for download. No new features here..

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I just installed via 19 last week or I'd be using this, but glad to see Budgie edition still going.

Just installed Today :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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Budgie is a nice and stable DE. Glad to see this news!

Great work! Congratulations.

Is it much heavier than XFCE / Plasma?

It might run well on a HP Pavilion G4?

it would be awesome if someday the desktop icons would work without any bugs :).
still, nice work :wink:

@Ste74 this might be a very dumb question but can I install and run this on my Pinebook Pro?

Budgie seems really nice. My only complain is the dark theme is too dark. And you cannot find window border easily if they overlap.
Also, I have seen budgie installation in archlinux install whole gnome DE. IDK if that is here in manjaro too. I will not try that.

Wrong on that Arch only installs what is reg for Budgie seeing Budgie is gnome based gtk3 that would make sense would it not

It does not make sense.

If I install lxqt in arch or any distro, it installs that only, and not KDE.

So you don't get it Budgie is just a window manager for gtk3 so it needs a lot of Gnome GTK3 but not gnome-shell and lots of other stuff

LXQT is a window manager it installs Openbox unless you install Kwin then its more KDE get it. LXDE also needs openbox

Budgie use a full stack of Gnome; the only difference is the non use of gnome-shell but all stuck is based on the gnome so is natural install budgie and mostly gnome library ecc.. check again what budgie do :wink:

I don't know maybe @Strit can answer better..

No you can't.

This ISO is for x64 machines, and the Pinebook Pro is an aarch64 (armv8) based machine. So it requires specific images for it.

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Pardon my ignorance.

...Budgie is just a window manager for gtk3 so...

I have impression that budgie is a DE written in GTK. It uses libmutter as window manager and budgie-wm as compositor. Gnome uses mutter as its WM.

LXQT is a window manager...

Again no. But thank you for your interest.
We both know we cannot be convinced by such arguments. I feel terribly sorry for budgie when its plan to write in Qt was dropped.

You obviously can not read or just refuse to accept things with your statements,

As far as LXQT IT may be classed as a DE loosely but it is basically a panel and menu and a few apps that has to be used with a window manager usually open box, and rarely Kwin, Kwin defeats the object of the goals of LXQT that was originally LXDE, that was a light weight Gnome2 alternative

x86_64 	Community 	lximage-qt 	0.15.0-1 	The LXQt image viewer and screenshot tool 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-about 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt about dialog. 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-admin 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt system administration tool. 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-archiver 	0.2.0-1 	A simple & lightweight desktop-agnostic Qt file archiver 	2020-05-17 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-config 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt system configuration. 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-globalkeys 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration. 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-notificationd 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt notification daemon and library. 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-openssh-askpass 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt openssh password prompt 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-panel 	0.15.1-1 	The LXQt desktop panel 	2020-05-21 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-policykit 	0.15.0-1 	The LXQt policykit authentication agent 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-powermanagement 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt power management daemon 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-qtplugin 	0.15.1-2 	LXQt platform integration for Qt 	2020-06-03 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-runner 	0.15.0-1 	The LXQt application launcher 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-session 	0.15.0-1 	The LXQt session manager 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	lxqt-sudo 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt privilege program (lxsu). 	2020-04-26 	
any 	Community 	lxqt-themes 	0.15.0-1 	LXQt themes, graphics and icons. 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	obconf-qt 	0.15.0-1 	Openbox configuration tool. Qt port of ObConf 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	openbox 	3.6.1-7 	Highly configurable and lightweight X11 window manager 	2020-05-24 	
x86_64 	Community 	pcmanfm-qt 	0.15.1-1 	The LXQt file manager, Qt port of PCManFM 	2020-05-17 	
x86_64 	Community 	qterminal 	0.15.0-1 	A lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator 	2020-04-26 	
x86_64 	Community 	screengrab

And again Budgie IS not QT that was a pipe dream of Ikey like all of his pipe dreams it failed and others saved the day with Budgie but it is just a shell and a forked compositor the same as Cinnamon,
But they are all excellent in their own right.

Thank you for such unwanted explanation.
You have started responding to my comment. So, let's come to the point I have made. I do not like budgie because the dark theme is too dark and not much customizable. Also, it's behaviour that it brings the whole gnome desktop along is too much. I have just checked (in VM), there are two fully functional desktops - gnome and budgie - separately login-able. And I do not care if that makes sense to some geek developers. In the point of view of an end-user, it is a laughable matter.
I gave lxqt just as an example. You may install any other DE (or WM by your dictionary, again I do not care), and it behaves as expected.

If you have still not understood, this is my point: the level that budgie is dependent on gnome is not acceptable for me.

Budgie is not for me LXDE gtk3 is a much better choice and brings more to the table in my view

Yes absolutely. This is the worst thing :slight_smile:

No, there are def. not two different sessions. I can confirm that it happens on manjaro budgie, but that's an issue here. There is no GNOME, only some GNOME apps, on solus&ubuntu(budgie)

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