Manjaro Budgie breaks on me after first update (I've given up trying, thanks guys...)

I downloaded the lastest version of Manjaro Budgie (community release, v. 18.1.0) and then updated it, it breaks so badly that even the GRUB is gone.

Is it happening to you guys? Maybe it happens because the snapshop is too old compared to the recent versions of other "flavors". Example, KDE Plasma is on 18.1.5.

Anyway, if you guys don't plan to update this version, I think it's safer to remove them from the webpage to avoid issues.

Since we're a rolling release system, we couldn't let ISOs for long time without creating a new snapshot.

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It would help if you shared the actual error you received so we could help you with the issue.

I tried to reinstall 18.1.0, on my work PC today after replacing a bad SSD, and I got weird error after weird error like unsupported kernels, and updates that take a long time to download, and won't install via terminal, or Pamac. had to bring my computer from home, and going to try the newest Gnome version, and see if that works. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all my other systems with Manjaro Budgie installed keep working just fine.

I can attest to this. The iso is really old, and needs to be updated.

What happened to me is I installed Manjaro Budgie Stable onto my system. Rebooted and did a full update via terminal (sudo pacman -Syyu.) The update took some time because the iso was so old. Everything completed, and I did notice a message stating that the Kernel had been updated, and that I was running on an old Kernel until reboot. Because of that message I thought it would be prudent to reboot to make any changes to the system with the new kernel active. I go to reboot, put in my encryption password, and I get a screen telling me I'm missing a folder related to the kernel. I get stuck there and the system won't boot. I'm sorry, I didn't write down the error message and the update process is way too long to do again.

It seems to me the simple solution to this would be to provide a newer iso so the initial update isn't so lengthy. The iso currently is way outdated.

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