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Hi! I'm new to Manjaro and the Linux scene but so far I'm having a blast. But I'm running in to a problem or am I just a newbie?
I'm on Manjaro Cinnamon and I cannot run AppImages?
Thanks for all the help!

Can you give us a little more detail?

How are you trying to run them? What error are you getting?

All Manjaro versions should support AppImages.

Hi, The only thing it asks for is what application to run the image with.
See the screenshot.
Screenshot from 2020-02-25 19-42-07

You need to mark it as executable. You can do this through he properties of the file manager of via the command line with chmod a+x filename

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You can also rightclick the appimage, click properties, permissions, and check is executable from there.

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Thank you guys! Really appreciate it!


Not all versions come with appimagelauncher by default, though.

@mumin I suggest installing appimagelauncher for convenience.


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