Manjaro Cinnamon bug report

I am not sure where else to pt this but, with Manjaro Cinnamon I have been experiencing alot of random crashes. This was an non-issue with Manjaro KDE, but Manjaro Cinnamon has crashed 3 times in the last two days, forcing me to force restart my PC. I just want to inform the Manjaro Cinnamon team about this so they can hopefully address the issue before version 20 comes out.

Maybe there is a bug. Maybe not.
You havent provided any information on the crashes, logs, or your system .. so there is just about nothing anyone can glean from this post or act upon.
If you want anyone to take this seriously at all you will need to provide more information than 'it no work for me. there problem. thnx'

This is at least somewhere to start..

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