Manjaro-[Cinnamon, Deepin, i3] 17.1.7

Updated ISOs 17.1.7 for the Community Editions
Cinnamon, Deepin and i3 are now available for




The Cinnamon edition is basically just an updated rebuild with our latest stable packages.
I minor adjustment was made for automatic video-thumbnail creation.

Deepin is currently in the process of finalizing their next official release. The latest Manjaro build as usual includes all of the recent upstream updates fresh from github ... :slight_smile:

Manjaro-i3 includes latest dmenu-manjaro 4.8 with all our usual patches for line-height/mouse-support/xyw and received a minor adjustment to get rid of unwanted shadows under dmenu.


perfect to make a fresh installation of deepin :sunny:.

thanks for updating

i have made a fresh installation but i got two issues the first one

and the second one is i can create a new user but if i try to log out and log in on the new account the system says always that the password is wrong.

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Thanks for still maintaining these community editions besides all the work you already do. I love the Manjaro Cinnamon edition and recently came back to it after a year of Manjaro KDE. Together with the KDE version, the Cinnamon edition is my favorite edition of Manjaro.

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awesome, thank you @oberon, loving i3, only moved to it a week or so ago, but its so cool, so much to learn!



Fantastic! Is there an update for Cinnamon desktop or has it not been released from upstream yet?

Cool wallpaper! :grinning:

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Our packages are based on latest Linuxmint stable, not their development branch.


Torrents for these 3 are also live. :slight_smile:


Does i3 edition still come with no keyboard layout indicator/switcher by default?

sbxkb is pre-installed.
Commented out in the conig because most people don't need it :wink:

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But I see it only show current layout, can't change it.
I know it could be done by edit settings, but maybe add another gui package which can do it easier is better.

Thank you for your work on these :slight_smile: The Cinnamon edition is the finest one for that desktop IMHO.

A couple of suggestions for it. Could vibrancy-colors be removed and replaced with papirus-maia-icon-theme? Ravefinity (who develop vibrabcy-colors) are "on break/hiatus" and no longer updating their themes. Using papirus-maia-icon-theme as the default would fit both with the default adapta-maia-theme and with the other Manjaro editions. Plus the sheer volume of different colour options for vibrancy-colors makes the Themes settings window slow to load.

Also could noto-fonts be included with the default install (and ideally be the default rather than Cantarell)? Noto Sans is the recommended font to fit with the Material Design of the Adapta theme. It's also the default font in Linux Mint, and while Manjaro should not slavishly follow everything Mint does, it does mean that Cinnamon is designed with the Noto Sans font in mind.

I realise both of these can be changed by the user, but think that they would improve the default Cinnamon desktop in Manjaro.


Exactly the changes I made. Papirus-maia icon theme and Noto Sans fonts.


Thank you, your suggestions make a lot of sense! :wink:


Been using the Deepin edition updated to 17.1.7. Loving it, but discovered an issue yesterday while adding vpns to the network manager within the control center.

I was cutting and pasting things between a terminal (default terminal for Deepin) and fields on the right hand control center--> networking, and found I could not bring focus to the control panel until I minimized the terminal. Same issue when firefox is open. It was rather frustrating, but after I discovered this issue and minimized them (so only the control center was open for input) I was able to proceed.

I don't fully understand your problem...
The control-center will alway hide as soon as you click anywhere else on the desktop or a window.
In order to copy text into the control-center (which btw is something you will practically never need to do again :wink: ) you will need to first select the text wherever you want to copy it from and copy it. Then open or re-open the control-center (which should still be exectly in the state where you left it) and then you can paste the text you have copied earlier.

Thank you for the update! I've been using manjaro-i3 on my laptop for over 6 months now and I am loving it. I am planning to add it in my desktop running kde as an alternate desktop session. I believe I can get the current configs which you have provided by installing i3-manjaro and cloning and copying the stuff from this repo right? I'd love to have my i3 setup just like a fresh manjaro-i3 install :slight_smile:

That's correct. Just make sure you also install the dependencies of pkg manjaro-i3-settings:

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I don’t fully understand your problem…
The control-center will alway hide as soon as you click anywhere else on the desktop or a window.

Yeah, sorry, I'm usually very verbose but I was very tired.

The issue is when I open the control center and try to type into a field, I can't. No "focus", no flashing cursor. So I finally discovered if I close all windows and reopen the control center THEN I can get focus and type into fields. That's the best way I can describe the issue. There are actually other aspects of the problem that aren't as consistent or easy to explain. I managed to get focus with the terminal window at times, not sure the exact way that happened tho. Sometimes trackpads inject spurious clicks / swipes as you type, which has happened even with options to "disable trackpad while typing" is turned on (when that option exists, not on all platforms / OSs).

Manjaro-Deepin 17.1.8 is now available.

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