Manjaro Cinnamon - Global CSS GTK2 and GTK3 file, instead of editing each theme?


I am running Manjaro Cinnamon. I am trying to make the scrollbars wider for every application window for GTK2 and GTK3 applications. I do not want to have to edit each individual theme's .css files because I want the settings to apply globally, regardless of the theme I am running.

I read this post here

Does this seem like a viable option? I just want to write to a global css file once to make these changes standard, regardless of theme.

Also - where can I find a list of all the CSS elements that apply to the Cinnamon Desktop and their properties. Scrollbars, etc...

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Yes, if you promise you won't forget what you did, so after some time that you will change your active theme or there are changes in the code, you will first look there.. :joy:

I suggest you read the discussion at the linked topic to understand how it works.
My suggestion is to use the xdg path for local themes (~/.local/share/themes/) first, instead of the (going-to) obsolete ~/.themes/ if you edit a specific theme.
About the elements names, I suppose you can find them at the GTK3 code, or Cinnamon code, but I don't know by heart. Some DDG search usually helps..


I see what you're saying. An update could destroy my changes.

I will try putting my themes in the directory you suggested. I am going to read that article.


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What if I want all gtk2 themes to follow the same pattern? That other posting was based on editing a select theme.

As it was described in those links, you can edit the gtk general files, but you have to keep some sticky to remind you :rofl: (I always forget those changes..).
There are two different files, one for GTK3 (css something) and one for GTK2 (rc something)

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How do I change the scrollbar width on the application menu on the panel globally?

I don't know.
I am sorry, I don't use Cinnamon/Gnome/xfce anymore. And still, it is something that needs digging..

No problem. Thank you for the help.

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