Manjaro Cinnamon --> Text Not Visible On System Tray Icons

I use Cinnamon Manjaro on my Dell laptop, but the System Tray Icons have a minor issue. I am unable to view the popup text from both the bluetooth and update manager icons. Both display below the panel and out of sight. As you can see from my three screenshots. The other icons such as the battery applet work fine.

Anyone else experience this?


hello, yes the same thing happens to me: the applets work great, while the system tray icons show the text below the panel as in your figure. let's see if anyone understands the reason

It does the same thing on Manjaro XFCE when the panel is a bit too large. It seems (my hypothesis) to be unfortunately a problem in how GTK 3 tooltips in general appears on the screen. :confused:

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you are right! I tried to change the panel height: from 32 down the text is displayed correctly.. thank you! Schermata%20del%202019-12-02%2012-46-01

Same here. Adjusted my cinnamon panel height, made it smaller. Can now see the tooltips text. I prefer Cinnamon's 'Modern Style' grouped window list though. With it's default panel of 40. Won't mark this solved just yet. Thank you @Frog @Gian0

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