manjaro cinnamon too slow from live boot

i am trying to install manjaro on my pc but..., is too slow from any usb that i try to put, like a sandisk or a kingston datatraveler
please someone help me?

Verify you are using UEFI not BIOS/Legacy/CSM/Compatibility Mode

The live ISO is very slow to load when booting as BIOS.

yeah i have set to uefi but no difference

I'm assuming it's a USB 3 on a USB 3 port? If it's 2.0 the reality is it's going to be slow no matter what you do until you install it on the HD.

Hi there! Having booted multiple distro's (including Manjaro) from USB I am also puzzled what might be the issue? So some more information (as asked in other posts here) is necessary for us to be of any help. To mention some:

  • What type of USB?
  • What program you used to burn the image to USB?
  • UEFI/SecureBoot enabled/disabled
  • Does this happen with other distro's (Linux Mint?) also?
  • What is slow: the actual bootup or the installation itself?
    Etc. etc. Thanks
    (edited because I originally replied to @fbodymechanic, who is helping out also. Apologies!)

i have tryed a 3.0 kingston datatraveler DT50 and a sandisk cruzerblade
both rufus and balena etcher
in my pc i don't really know where is this "secure boot" option
i haven't tryed
both are slow the bootup and the installation

How is Manjaro after being installed onto the computer? Is it still slow on the computer or is this issue just about only running off of the live USB? A Kingston 3.0 will still be slower than running natively but it shouldn't be so bad.

Secure boot options are in the firmware. You shouldn't have to mess with firmware if you're doing a complete install.

I couldn't even install the OS, the problem is in the live usb

I would use the Kingston 3.0 USB and flash the iso with Etcher. That will be your "fastest" option you currently have available. Once you have run thru the installation even if it's incredibly slow during the process, once complete, it should feel much faster on your computer and not running off of the USB.

The installation time will also have a lot to do with your internet connection. The faster that is the faster the install. Just push thru, and if it's still very slow AFTER your install, we'll work from there.

now i have tryed mint that is much more faster on my usb but now i am stuck on this screenWIN_20200116_113051

Has it completely stopped or is the wheel still spinning? If the mouse wheel is still spinning, has it been 5 minutes or more like an hour?

I don't know so much about Linux Mint anymore it's been years since I've tried it.

start the installer from terminal sudo -E calamares -d and post the terminal ouput to some pastebin, please!

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