Manjaro Cinnamon wont boot after forced shutdown

My desktop recently was completely frozen after attempting to launch blender. I went on to discord and asked for help from a linux community that I usually go to for help. They tried to bring up the terminal but then I got a blank black screen. so it came to a point where it seemed like the only option was to force the system to shut down by holding down the power button. Now when trying to turn my computer back on I get stuck at the HP logo without ever entering the operating system. Is there some way to fix my installation or will I have to reinstall as I always keep backups of all my data on external drives but still would be inconvenient.
Many thanks

In the event that the forced shutdown might have caused a filesystem corruption, running fsck from a live usb on your system partition(s) could be a good measure. Please note that the partitions should not be mounted when using fsck.

Your system seems to stuck on BIOS. Try restoring your BIOS to default values.

The Hp Logo is apart of Manjaro

when running a different distro i dont get the Hp logo so I think its implemented by the Manjaro team

how do I use fsck? it says Permission denied when in a live usb

Run it with sudo from a terminal. Make sure the partitions to be checked are not mounted. You can also use gparted if you prefer a GUI tool as is shown in that article. The root password in live usb is manjaro.

ok, checked the partition where my files are located using gparted and i can confirm all my data is not corrupted because i can still access all my files within the live usb environment and even open them. but my os still will not boot. should I also check the partition where the os boots from or will that cause more problems?

Yes do that as well.

ok, I did that, still didnt boot. what does checking the partitions actually do? it didnt say there was corrupted data or anything, so I guess everything was fine but still doesnt boot

fsck will check if there is any damage, inconsistency or corruption in the filesystem and tries to repair it.

See for example: man fsck in a terminal

does checking the partitions in gparted do the same thing, and I already check the two partitions related to the system and can interact with my data through the live usb so nothing was corrupted. I just cant boot, I tried to force my computer to boot into Manjaro by going into the bios and selecting the uefi boot thingy for manjaro manually and it boots then gets stuck at an HP logo still.

I am not sure at this point what might be wrong.

A frozen system could sometimes be a sign of hardware failure as well. If you want to run a check on your disk, you could have a look at the following guide:

I am not unfortunately good at trouble shooting hardware issues, so you would need to open a new thread an post the result to get some reviews. And perhaps provide some more info about your system:

if I can see and interact with my files from my hard drive through the live usb environment then its likely that my hardware is fine as I can still interact with my files and data no problem. the only issue is that manjaro will no longer boot, is there a possible solution to reinstall manjaro without affecting my data?

If you have a separate home partition, you could just choose the manual partitioning in the installer, mount it at /home and not format it . You mount the root partition at / and th EFI system partition at /boot/efi. Perhaps you could post the output of:

sudo parted -l
(that is lowercase L)

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