Manjaro Community Torrents - Source Forge link error

The page:
has a link saying Manjaro Community Torrents Web Site, but linking to which is not very helpful.

I am unable to sign up to SourceForge to report this, perhaps someone could tag the appropriate maintainer here?

I would also suggest including a link to the Preview Release Torrents.

As with all projects on Sourceforge, to download them, you need to go to the "files" section. :slight_smile:

Thanks, my issue is with the naming of the link, as it says "torrents website" but points to the Manjaro homepage (where no torrents are in fact available).

Since the link is shown on the place where .torrents are obtained, perhaps a better wording is Manjaro homepage.

That's true. Sadly I can't change anything description wise on that site.
I only have access to upload, delete and change files in the "files" section.

The admin is Costgranda.

I'm not able to sign up to Source Forge (see link in first post), so I can't contact him there.

@CostGranda, are you the SF admin who could do this change?

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in fact I don't know if this link name can be changed. as it's the link for the project page.
it's the "source forge project name" and "Web Site". that redirect to the external web site of the project if there is one. in this case
all source forge project have this link in the summary page.

When you are on the home page of the project in source forge. you have to navigate in source forge.
in "files", "Reviews", "support", etc.

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