manjaro completely broke down

Everything but the bashshell just vanished (hence al the graphical surface) , the bashshell shows Warning: Could not find an interactive shell to start.
Hence I cannot use any commands. I did not install or update anything new lately.
Any tipps what one could do?

First of all i'm tempted to suggest, so i will do it: change the title.
Your installation broke, not Manjaro.
Reboot the system in runlevel 3 or use install media to chroot the system and do a complete update.


Then it would appear that your shell ─ i.e. Bash ─ is gone too.

Well, you must have done something ─ the system doesn't spontaneously destroy itself. So either it's operator error ─ which I suspect it is ─ or it's a hardware failure.

In your case, I would recommend reinstalling and restoring your backups ─ which I hope you've made.

Also, please take out the time to read this fine post below... :arrow_lower_left:

How to provide good information in your posts

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the problem is that it won't accept any input so I cannot reboot my system nor install anything

I know to include helpful information would be good I just can't get them because as said my system doesn't react to anything I try

Among the information you should have provided is what exactly you did to turn your system into such a mess in the first place. :wink:

nothing I know you won't believe me but I was just reading a pdf since I started it.

Did it freeze and did you press the reset button?

No freeze the graphical surface immediately vanished then I started the terminal tried the command reboot got bash shell command not found and then I got the message in my original question

Is this a dual-boot or multi-boot system with at least one other operating system installed on the same drive?

dual boot with windows 10 installed on the same drive

In that case, if Windows is running fine, then that rules out drive failure. Anyway, looks like you're going to have to reinstall and restore your backups. :man_shrugging:

that wouldn't be a problem my problem is I'm stuck with this not working shell and cannot shutdown my system or do anything else...which also means I don't know if windows is running

Huh? Then how did you manage to get Windows up and running in order to reach the forum? :confused:

on my phone thus the ■■■■■■ formating and missing information

So, resetting the system and trying to boot into Windows is not working either? Sounds like a HDD failure to me. Is this a Laptop or Desktop?

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Well, then you're going to have to hard-reboot your computer by way of the reset button and boot up from the installation medium again. There is no other way. :man_shrugging:

laptop and I don't know a way how I could reset/reboot do anything similar since it is not reacting to anything

Press and hold power button for 10 seconds?

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Not even to the power button?

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