Manjaro Crashed After Installing Windows 10 On It

On the face of it, grub menu seems to be working.

After I enter the Manjaro Linux option, it'll turn into this,

How can I fix it? I really don't want to re-install the whole system again. It's way too time cosuming.

So you had Manjaro on this machine, then installed Windows 10? Is this correct?

Looks like Grub is broke. Windows probably ate it. :space_invader:

take a look at this:

Thre's also a ton of topics on this here on the forums.  A search will find more information.
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This is easier and safer. Just the [Simple First Start] will do.

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Another option of reinstalling grub (or rEFInd or systemd-boot) is to use the system restore section of Architect which I prefer.

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