Manjaro crashes on Realtime Kernel after a few seconds

hmm unfa is mostly talking about how to set up manjaro for audio production but i have done this on my previous laptop and i also followed everything suggested by the arch article about professional audio, even checked it with realtimeconfigscan utility.

my main problem right now that i want fixed it that i cannot use the regular 419 kernel

To be honest, you may want to look at Tumbleweed if you really want to be on a rolling distribution. The reason being, openSUSE have excellent support for AMD hardware as AMD are a very active partner of theirs.

hmm, might be an option but i love manjaro and being able to access its cutting edge repositorys and the aur . It is just so easy to install the pro-audio group and have almost everything installed...
Maybe ill just stick to linux54 kernel and deal with it

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realtime is not necessarily the logical choice
if too much emphasis is given to audio, display can become less responsive if using a DAW or DSP with lots of level meters
that may be even more noticeable with a laptop hybrid GPU compared to a desktop discrete GPU

suggest try out more recent kernels > v5.5 for better support for Ryzen CPU

which one would you recommend? is 57 stable enough yet?

kernel v.5.7-rc0 was released 7 days ago

IMO not a good idea to try a kernel marked as experimental when seeking a more stable system

ok im on 56 now

2 minutes in and he is running pacman -Sy... Nooooo!

You never run Sy without the u. It's not going to cause him any trouble, but you know someone is going to follow this and do it and get stuck in a partial update, and then post about it here on the forum...

Terrible advice to follow.

I think it would be very beneficial for pacman users if it displayed a warning ("Stop and think about what you're doing, are you sure?") every time it was run with only -Sy or -Syy (or even -Syyy, I've seen people do that! :man_facepalming:)

I don't recall ever using -Sy

ah you mean unfa haha

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