Manjaro Deepin 18.1.0-pre1 ISO (unstable branch)

Here comes a new test build (minima) of the Manjaro Deepin Community Edition, built against our current unstable branch, using kernel linux51 and Deepin Desktop 15.10.1



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The full package list can be found here

Given that the Deepin environment continues to stabilize I will be happy to provide Manjaro ISOs with this very special and beautiful desktop. My understanding is that there was definitely some resonance with our joint complaint about their development philosophy :wink:

On the to-do-list on my Manjaro end there is still a re-organization of the wallpaper packages. I have to come up with a new strategy of how to integrate upstream standard and so-called 'community' backgrounds and to avoid duplicate and triple display of some of them in the selector. It's not a huge problem, I just need to think it through and then re-package some stuff.

Meanwhile this build here can provides a fresh testing ground to evaluate still present bugs in the desktop and also a basis for anyone who wants to install Manjaro Deepin and doesn't want to run hundreds of updates right at the start ... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have fun!



Now that's out of the way... given that I'm a Deepin user myself, I have to give you kudos for this, especially give the sh!t you've had to deal with upstream... and without a paddle... anyway, it's too bad you decided to go with hexchat instead of a more user-friendly irc client, like polari, but you're the maintainer and it's after all your decision.

Also, a few of the standard DDE packages are missing: deepin-calculator, deepin-draw, deepin-kwin, deepin-movie, deepin-music, deepin-colour-picker, deepin-screen-recorder, deepin-screenshot, deepin-voice-recorder, deepin-system-monitor.

I know that including these utilities would take up space on the ISO, but they really add value to a basic Manjaro installation. With just the basic Deepin utils, some people could get to work, right out of the box. It also serves as an example of what this desktop environment can do.

For example, Ubuntu/Gnome comes with, I believe, AisleRiot and Klotski, which are simple timepass games written with the GTK+ toolkit. Manjaro Deepin doesn't really need games, but a few pre-installed accessories help the user settle in.

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@oberon Thank you for your work oberon!!!

I'm running this with Kwin so far and it's been stable for me and a much better overall experience than with Mutter. The only thing I noticed so far is I can't get rid of the title bar in Firefox no matter what setting I choose, but I don't know if that is unique to Kwin or it was like that before....

Not familiar with deepin. Last time i tried to use a deepin build from any distro, that bar on the bottom couldnt be moved to the top of the screen, or really anywhere else. Is that still the case? Also, does deepin use multiple desktops?

Looks great from here BTW

Not the case. Right click the taskbar (bar on bottom), click Location, click Top/Bottom/Left/Right (your choice).


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@oberon What I don't understand is why Pamac tells me my system is up-to-date. Is there a delay between the ISO coming out and the new packages on Pamac?

Thanks @oberon I'll install this later.

He probably never included the deepin-extra pkg which is what I have done on my archdeepin iso
Giving you the choice to install your own apps or install the deepin-extra pkg some of the deepin apps or a bit hit and miss at the moment IMO

Its a new ISO with updated pkgs, so I doubt there would be any yet ?

Seems I forgot to explicitly mention that this is a minimal build as are all the pre-releases. In any case you would have been able to see it from the file names :wink:
So here's the reason for all those applications you mention not being installed here :sunglasses:
You can check the list of packages for the full edition here if you like. Everything marked >extra will additionally be included in the full edition.
polari or hexchat, sure we can replace that. I don't use IRC myself, so I don't know these applications and also I don't care much which one we per-install. Hexchat just always has been and still is the default of all Manjaro editions. Well, we might consider changing that.
deepin-kwin (which btw is not a compositor but a window manager) is still under construction to my knowledge but will be the default in the future. We will just go with what official Deepin is going to do.

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I have stopped using it until it has been officially released, too many problems with deepin to be worrying about deepin-kwin :wink:


@oberon Thank you your hard work on this. For the moment, I have moved back to Gnome on my daily driver. Only until Deepin stabilizes. Once it does, I will be back on it. I will be doing a VM install to see what has changed.

I know nothing about the merits of polari versus hexchat, but if you want to consider replacing hexchat, the KDE edition has set the precedent by using konversation instead.

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Thx for your efforts!

Hopefully...At least they become more active & responsive :slight_smile:

I guess at this point it would be better to have some .iso than none :laughing:
Even though there are still a lot of bugs in Deepin, and it's pretty far from being stable point of installation (in case of going fully offline).

All those hardcore ones i was mentioning in previous thread are still there.

About deepin-kwin - for now it's definitely better to keep off from it, it's not stable at all, even though in some ways on surface it may look better (and on Linux Deepin 15.10 it was released on Stable & set as default - it's way better than Arch's variant right now).

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Are you on the unstable branch? In general it simply depends on the state of your top-listed mirror when you will get notified and receive updates.

I didn't actually know that, so thank you for enlightening me.

Yes, I'm on Unstable. I guess the system already updated itself (I update once a day).

Please, let's think about it. For KDE, HexChat is probably best, also for most of the other environments except possibly Budgie. HexChat matches up with Qt very well, even though AFAIK it isn't built on Qt. Polari is a GTK client, so it looks great on Budgie and Mate; Deepin uses, I believe, both GTK and Qt for toolkits, but tends to use the GTK "look" a lot more than Qt.

So which one of you is right? I'm leaning towards Kwin as default and standard. I've been using it for about three weeks with absolutely no complaint. I don't get the screen tearing that was so common with Mutter, and the sluggishness. These days my windows shuffle like a deck of cards and yet switching between them is quicker than with Mutter.

At this time, official Deepin (15.10) uses deepin-kwin as its default window manager. If upgrading, it preserves deepin-wm (Mutter).

To Bernhard and everybody, once again, thank you. Deepin is probably the best Linux desktop environment I have ever used. So much so that I have been booting, for the last month, into Manjaro only (I dual boot with OS X for development purposes).

None!! both are bad at the moment, if deepin was not a beautiful as it is, I would have been long gone JMO

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Search 'kwin' on upstream and internal discussion, and you'll see...

But i really wonder how come you don't see obvious bugs, like for example you can hardly resize any GTK window on deepin-kwin, some places are just not completed etc...

At this time, official Deepin (15.10) uses deepin-kwin as its default window manager.

Again, but not Arch - which is very important, because Linux Deepin variant of deepin-kwin is way more polished than Arch Deepin's (even though both have a lot of bugs and problems right now).

So unless Arch Deepin will move to deepin-kwin it's pretty bad idea, plus it's better to wait when it'll become more stable which surely will happen!

Well, if it's a choice between the Devil and the deep blue sea, I'll still pick the deep blue sea. In other words, I'm not sure if we're "marking" deepin-kwin on an absolute scale, or on a curve. My opinion is that if we look at Kwin by itself, sure, it gets a B- or a C (British school marking scheme is A, B, C, D, U = fail)... but in comparison to Mutter, the mark rises a little bit.

I'm running Deepin on metal rather than in a VM, so that might be a cause; but again, this is simply a full and frank discussion, with my opinions to be taken cum grano salis. Perhaps even cum acervo salis.

I have not had that problem. I can resize Pamac, Archive Manager, Emacs, and Polari just fine. All four are GTK apps. Are you sure it's a Deepin bug, and not a bug in the apps you are using?

With earlier Deepin versions, though, native Deepin apps would resize too easily. As in, if I hovered my mouse near the edge of a File Manager window, and then moved my mouse, it would resize the window. Not the behaviour I like. This bug has been fixed, to my knowledge.

On a different topic, I'm not sure which toolkit predominates in Deepin. According to Pamac, Deepin uses both Qt and GTK, but GTK apps seem to "match better", for lack of a better term. Especially when Kwin is used; in that case, I literally can't tell the difference between GTK apps and native Deepin apps.

Also, for @oberon: think also about packaging Emacs with Manjaro-Deepin. It includes so many useful apps that it isn't funny anymore :smiley: and if you install Spacemacs, you get probably the most capable editor on the planet. If vi is installed by default, why shouldn't Emacs be as well?

So far so good. I actually prefer the minimalism of the ISO. This way I can hand pick what I actually need as opposed to want It's like building a tiny house :rofl:
@oberon thank you again for another great ISO.

Any of them, especially left / bottom angles.

Confirmed multiple times in different issues by different people (both hardware and VM), also confirmed by devs themselves...
So bug it is.

Pretty weird that you don't have it

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