Manjaro Deepin 18.1.0-pre1 ISO (unstable branch)

Well, just because I'm not experiencing it doesn't mean it's not a bug. So I'll stipulate as to that. (Legal speak for "I'll agree with you, for the sake of discussion only")

Fluff, in other words - but very important fluff, if we want to gain more users :smiley: Because what does it matter if the desktop environment is nice, if it doesn't include pretty wallpapers?


Also on the "fluffy" end of the scale, Deepin comes with 4 or 5 screensavers taken wholesale from the xscreensaver package. If I want more savers, I have to install xscreensaver, but this also installs the xscreensaver daemon and control panel (neither of which I need) and the screensavers are saved to the wrong directory.

Would it be possible to create a package with the extra screensavers only, and make sure they're saved in the right place on Deepin?

Additive versus subtractive construction. I understand. It's like painting with paint as opposed to light (paint removes colours, so R+B+Y = black, i.e. the absence of colour, while light adds colours, so R+G+B = white, i.e. all colours at once).

I think the most capable editor is probably Visual Studio Code. :smiley:

O RLY? What about those of us who write mainly in English and Latin, as opposed to computer code? VS is a code editor, Emacs is for everyone.

I know, off topic. Sorry.

Oh, sorry. I thought you were talking about code editors. BTW, VS is for app developers and VS Code is for web developers.

I'm neither. I'm in the legal and management sectors. About the only code I write is quick-and-dirty stuff in Lisp (Common or Elisp). The rest is English prose. I started out using Teco and Vim (Teco is better for scripts, Vim for live editing), then switched to Spacemacs when I heard that Emacs could perfectly emulate Vim. Emacs is an absolutely phenomenal operating system/IRC client/psychologist/automatic circumciser, but doesn't have a nice editor built in.

You need a :hugs:

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Why d'you say that? Fellow Emacs user?

I'm not yet a web developer, I'm basically just a learner of code.
Well, enough off-topic discussion.

Well, I highly suggest learning Spacemacs. It'll serve you well not just in coding; that's why I prefer generalised text editors.

Spacemacs is essentially vi (the "standard" Unix text editor - if it's not installed, it's not Unix) but with a whole ton of new features, including mouse support. And because it's technically an Emacs program, you also get the Lisp execution environment, so it's essentially a tiling window manager with all the apps you like. So you can for example split screen eww (the Emacs web browser) and your html file. Or you can split one of the halves in half, and have a hierarchical outline of your project on the top, and erc (the Emacs IRC client) on the bottom, pointed to Freenode.

Your main editing window, on the other hand, is vi with mouse support - so you can select/highlight a region of text and press d to delete, or type the command :s/this/that/%g to do a search-and-replace in that region only. 5w puts you five words forward, 5dw deletes five words, 5dd deletes five lines. Vi has similar commands, in spirit, to Teco: everything is a single character (the Teco equivalent of the search above is fs<esc>this<esc>that).

Anyway, I'm not suggesting that Manjaro comes with Spacemacs, but it should at least come with bare Gnu Emacs, so that users can install Spacemacs for themselves.

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Well, I don't like Vim, I tried it and I couldn't figure out how to do anything. But, maybe i'll try spacemacs it looks interesting. After installing emacs, will this really do the trick? git clone ~/.emacs.d

Yep. That's it.

And you'll want the Vim cheat sheet on one side to help you along. So once Spacemacs is installed, type <space>w/ to split the window, then :eww to open the Vim cheat sheet.

@Caleb I wrote two books with Spacemacs as my editor and LaTeX as my word processor. Truly an amazing combination. LaTeX is very much the offspring of Scribe ( and HTML; it isn't just for maths/mathematical physics articles, although Leslie Lamport/Dan Knuth were certainly outstanding mathmos.

MODS: Sorry for getting sidetracked as usual. Feel free to split the topic if you like.

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One question: I had used Manjaro Deepin for a time, but I would like to have more options than I installed KDE. I'm satisfied, but there's something that I miss in Deepin: Grub was incredible fast. Even if it waited 2 seconds, they started to count immediately, while in KDE (as well as in all other previous distros that I have used), it waits a little bit before counting the 2 seconds. What's the Grub configuration of Deepin? How does it manage to count immediately the 2 seconds and how can I replicate this in KDE? Thanks!

This has nothing to do with the desktop environment you use.
These settings are made using the variables in /etc/default/grub. More details can be found here

Yes, that's what I asked for. The configuration of /etc/default/grub in Manjaro Deepin, so that I can compare with the one I have here in Manjaro KDE. If "this has nothing to do" with the DE and Grub's behavior is different in both DEs, then it must be different Grub configurations. Anyone else has any hint?

The same applies to title bar in Chrome, but only with dde-kwin package installed. The ISO comes without it and, for me, it works fine, that is title bar is hidden. When I accidentally installed dde-kwin package, it all got wrong, so I've uninstalled it and title bar hiding works again.

Hope that is helpful for you @iiari and @oberon

Nice! Is that web browser like a chrome inside spacemacs, or is it just a text browser like lynx? I'm used to opening it up in chrome and using the developer tools there too, so I don't know if this browser would be ideal.

Yes, indeed. The way it works is that Deepin preferentially uses deepin-kwin if present and desktop effects are enabled. If absent and effects are enabled, it uses deepin-wm. If effects are disabled, it uses metacity. So uninstalling kwin in your case forced Deepin to use deepin-wm (that is, Mutter).

It's a stripped-down browser. Shows graphics, but not Flash or JavaScript.

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Well, that won't work then.

How do I do that? It seems to just type that into the file.

Try hitting Escape to go back into command mode. Remember, Vi is modal (so there's an insert mode and a command mode).

If that's not the case, are you sure you picked Evil mode when you installed Spacemacs, rather than Holy mode?

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