Manjaro Deepin custom keyboard shortcut for volume control

Hi! I am trying to create a custom shortcut for controlling volume. What command should I use so that I get the level of the sound visible on the screen?

Tried 'amixer set Master 5%+' but it doesn't work properly. It just raises the volume, but I don't hear or see an indication of that.

In fact I am interested in controlling volume and brightness this way.

Would be grateful for any help!

This screenshot is for MATE, but you should probably be looking for something like:


Well, that's the thing. There is no such a shortcut in Deepin menu of shortcuts.

You can look in the dconf editor at /com/deepin/dde/keybinding/mediakey
It shows all the short-cuts that are used by default, and you should be able to edit them there.

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