Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

I was now able to discuss the current state of DDE development in more detail directly with Hualet Wang of Deepin.
Their current focus is on the next release v20, which apparently will bring a lot of changes beyond regular package updates.
This means that fixing issues for existing installs - at least Archlinux-based ones - would be a lot of extra effort for them and is unlikely to happen at all.
I must admit that, from their point of view this is understandable.
Hualet also tells me that after the v20 release, a release cycle more compatible with rolling releases will be an option that Deepin might pursue - but this remains to be seen.

Conclusion for us at the current moment:
Providing install media with a mixture of old and half-baked newer packages at this point in time makes little sense, especially when we cannot expect issues to be fixed at all and the prospect is a possible complete breakage with the final release of Deepin v20.

We will now just have to wait for this release and then see where we can go from there.

I will stay in contact with both Deepin and the Archlinux packager to try and find ways for a continued maintenance of DDE on Archlinux-based distros in general and for Manjaro-Deepin in particular, which is still quite a popular edition despite it has been such a harsh ride for quite a while now, already. This makes it obvious that people would really like to be able to use this desktop on Manjaro...

to be continued :wink:


Thanks for sharing that with us @oberon at least we can take a break from fighting with it now :wink:


Makes sense, that's exactly how i perceived it too - we should wait and see what the hell v20 will actually bring... :crazy_face:

Thx for clarification :slight_smile:


That you for everything you have done try to make this work. At times it must have been extremely frustrating for you...who am I kidding at all times :rofl:


By the way, have they mentioned any more or less realistic ETA on v20?

I've heard very different info floating around it (their internal discussion, forums etc), from 'this autumn' to 'this year' :upside_down_face:


End of November this year. I think a team member posted it.

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Your Manjaro Deepin was a

big thing!


like deepin version got me in majaro
really hope this marjaro deepin will stay a thing in the furure

like majaro so far becouse the kernel are easy too update

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Deepin V20 in Tablet PC mode




I think we should see how v20 performs. More or less there might be some borrowed parts from KDE, so a GTK dependency will be reduced. When there is a kinda stable release we should mark those PKGBUILDs and only patch changes as needed.

There is no real release strategy at Deepin as I see of. So maybe at distro side we have to verify more what works for us. I always have the feeling 1 bug gets fixed but 3 new created.


I agree, might be worse :rofl:


If you guys like the deepin DE so much just use their distro, its really stable, just that they have old kernel and old packages.

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I'm using it for testing all the time - it's exactly same in terms of DE bugs sadly (with exception of little more eye candy variant of deepin-kwin than on Arch)

i prefer the arch based distros, but I have tried it, the installer is beautiful

@beswaax welcome btw :wink:

Thanks! I have also tried it a few times, the installer is really solid, never had a problem with it.

Jeez...V20 launcher preview :woozy_face:



Glad I switch back to deepin-wm (something went my way) probably just a matter of time before that breaks though :wink:

Probably due to this: * Flagged out-of-date on 2019-09-28


deepin-kwin 0.1.0-3:

felix just pushed an update,

however it still says Flagged out-of-date on 2019-09-28


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Thank you very much for the Deepin update. As always, your efforts and communication are greatly appreciated. And considering Huawei is their major client at this point, it's certainly easy to understand where their priorities are at the moment...

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@oberon , thanks so much for everything you've been doing on this. I'm really excited about Deepin v20 and was considering trying Manjaro Deepin v20 as my main build once it is available. If there's anything we as a community can to convince Deepin to work more closely with the Manjaro team, please let us know.

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