Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

So you're saying the Deepin forum works just about as well as their DE. Sorry, I couldn't resist. :smile:

I get it. It's a feature, not a bug. :rofl:

Have a good day. :peace_symbol:


Touché :rofl:

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E para quem gosta da beleza do deepin?
Era uma pena eu ter que ir para uma outra distro com interface deepin só para puder usufruir da melhor interface/puder utilizar placas híbridas

The other distro is probably still on the older Deepin version and thus interface. When that other distro refreshes itself with an upgraded Deepin, will it still be the same at that point?

Unless the Deepin developers revert, going forward the interface for Deepin in whatever distro you use will eventually change.

Poderiam fazer como o Ubuntu dde fez
Atualizar para a versão nova mas mantendo a interface antiga
Até que a nova interface esteja pronta para ser usado

You will have to read through this thread starting from maybe 3 weeks ago for more explanation about the status of the packages that make up deepin DE in Manjaro.

There is a difference between Ubuntu, where every version is a fixed release based on a fixed base, and Manjaro, a rollng release that gets most of its packages from Arch repos, albeit delayed by about 2 weeks. Manjaro base is ever changing and moving forward. It doesn't stay still. Ubuntu's release can stay still for a few years. That may be better for you.

If you need really up-to-date applications in other areas apart from your DE, Ubuntu may not be suitable. But if it is suitable, you can indeed delay using new DDE for some time. And hope the final DDE is something you are happy with.

I am using a frozen(not updating) version of manjaro deepin from back in mid april 2020.

It's V15.11, Can create a iso if you guys want?

That's not the way a rolling distro works. You are a little unclear on the rolling concept. What you are suggesting is totally unsafe if you use this computer on the internet.

Why are you even using a rolling distro if you want to remain frozen in time.


In the meantime I tried Deepin20 under ArcoLinux the third time. It is always something that does not work properly. Last time the transparency of the taskbar did not adapt to the background image. The transparency of the Teskleitse was not updated.
I'm back to KDE-Plasma 5.19.1 and adjusted it to look like Deepin20. This is simple and fast.

Running so far now.

Today's testing update will bring a lot of new Deepin packages.

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Very colorful, and it looks like iOS + macOS.

Again, deepin changed everything... More work for Manjaro and Arch :smile:

Now I understand why Manjaro Deepin is on hold, at least on the stable branch of Manjaro...

Let's see if Deepin official release will change from Debian stable to Debian testing or going back to Unstable or even funnier, back to Ubuntu.

I still don't understand the relation between kwin and deepin... :roll_eyes:

As soon as I log out/switch to standby/reboot, I loose the Window Effects. In the Control Center-> Personalisation: the Window Effect slider can not be switched anymore.
If I then check the content of kwinrc, I can see that OpenGLIsUnsafe stands on TRUE.
If I remove kwinrc and log out and back in, it gets created and OpenGLIsUnsafe stands on FALSE and the Window Effect is working again.

What part of kwin or Deepin is modifying kwinrc at session end and why?
I can't figure out the relation of the kwin window manager and the Deepin Desktop Environment and how they interact with each other. Can someone shed some light on this?

All DEs use a WM(window manager) of some type. Some DEs are loosely integrated with the WM and allow you to swap out one WM for another. Others are tightly integrated where they require their own WM to be used.

DDE used to use a fork of the WM from elementaryos, gala, which is based on mutter(the gnome WM). However, at some point, they decided to switch to kwin. They created their own fork of kwin which can be found here. There was a period where it was still possible to use their old gala-based WM but with the latest version that seems not be the case anymore. At least, you can't run it and expect everything to work.

You would have to read through the code or ask someone with knowledge of the inner workings. Either way, it is probably a bug and not something you are supposed to have to deal with yourself.

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Thanks for the Infos. :+1:
Am I the only one who has this strange behavior?

I haven't seen it but that doesn't mean you are the only one.

Yep its a bug, not hundred% sure but i think its something to do with lightdm, sometimes it wont log in so I have to do Ctlr+Alt+F2 then back to Ctlr+Alt+F1 so it will show the desktop and you can guarantee OpenGLIsUnsafe is TRUE

at this point a can't even be bothered debugging it...

No!! I cant even make an archdeepin ISO anymore, something is seriously wrong with it :frowning:

I am also getting icons on the taskbar that I never opened, and if I did open them they are stuck there...

if anyone want to try
a big bloat deepin

its just an funny experiment


Oh dear... :worried: Let's see where the development is going. There are lot's of issues on the Git Hub page but the solutions (if any) are not really trickling down to us here.

I am sure there will be a bunch of deepin updates next time there is a stable update but I have been doing most of my deepin testing on arch and while there are some improvements there are still a lot of broken things. Also, sometimes the fixes break things that were working in the past.

At the state it is in, calling this beta software seems optimistic.

who hase the last deepin iso can he maybe upload it ?

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