Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

Forum statistics reflect the popularity of Deepin:



I'm not in the top eight, damn it. :frowning: :sweat::weary:


As Chris Hillman once sang... "One step forward, two steps back, nobody gets too far like that."

Well, that's the thing, I don't want to be forced to use old packages so I can have my favourite UI. If it's a choice between a sh!tty UI and packages that are 6mos-1year out of date, I'll take the sh!tty UI.

Not that Budgie is sh!tty (I like it, just prefer Qt rather than GTK)

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Whaaat? Budige is sh!tty? I personally use Solus Budgie and I love it, I find way more intuitive than Deepin, and it also looks great.

read the post again very carefully :wink:

Not that at the start of the sentence means they are saying it is not :poop:

Here is a roughly translated text by Google translate:

Hello everyone, I am the design manager of deepin. I have designed and been responsible for all the designs of deepin for more than 6 years. I know that everyone is very concerned about the V20 news. I can’t wait to share some of the latest with you. In fact, many things don't have a lot of time to look at the forum, but I can assure you that every effort I make in depth is to make everyone have a better experience. I know my colleagues know that I am A very perfect person, I will ask developers to try to achieve the best design and interaction I want, even if a pixel is very important to me, and do my best to bring the best experience to everyone. Although I don't often come to the forum, as long as I am empty, I will seriously read the feedback from everyone and record the thoughts of everyone. This is the idea that I will improve in the future.
I saw a lot of people who reported that the V20's rounded corners are too big. I have a very important principle when designing the V20. β€œIt will be more friendly.” Whether it is visual or operational, the rounded corners are only visual. Just a little bit, it works with many other visual elements and effects to complete such a better operating system. If this is not designed by me, my first thoughts may have the same thoughts as you. It is normal, but one thing is not good. After eating it, I know that it is not good, but visually. The judgment is not accurate, so please give me some confidence. After the V20 is officially handed over to you for a while, you can give me feedback on your use and see if the rounded corners are too big. If yes, I I will definitely make a more appropriate decision for you. After all, the products I design are for all of you, not me.

You can love or complain here on english:

Or here directly to designer on chinese:


Lol who would complain about that. Really too big? After everything this poor β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  has been through this is what people hitch about. If that works it's fantastic.

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The one with the round corners is gonna be a lot of trouble with apple again. :smiley: :wink:

If you'll read my post, I said that Budgie wasn't sh!tty. ("Not that Budgie is sh!tty") The only issue I have with Budgie is that it uses GTK rather than Qt.

I'm surprised you see a difference with Budgie and Deepin. I don't, not really. When I set the Deepin taskbar to "Efficient mode" and make the Start menu WinXP-like, it looks just like Budgie.

Looks great!

Each time i've heard any news on v20 my personal sh!t-o-meter was on top...But that is too much.

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ROFL! Cortana san you lookin' good mama!

we have mycroft ai
in linux

No offense, but I don't consider that an improvement. No device of mine talks to me. I just won't have it, it's just too creepy.


You don't have to offend me on that one! :laughing:

This is absolutely insane move to make anything AI related being chinese distro, also pre-installed on Huawei hardware, and rumored to be connected to government...

Also i wonder how much they paid this dude from Forbes to praise this as some crown achievement for humanity :woozy_face:

On a serious note - now i really hope that Linux community will crush them for that one, well deserved.

Like bugs haven't been enough to brag about :upside_down_face:


I would love to see the popularity across all flavors of Manjaro in 2019, something like but including the official builds. Would it be possible to get this overview? Thank you.

Saying that new deepin can or cannot, bad or not is so stupid 🀦 maybe you will wait till it comes :thinking:

The non public deepinv20 ISO file was leaked. I've installed it in a virtual box. So I think I can tell you my opinion :grin:

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It's BETA, not official and stable version, you cannot tell anything except it's not finished yet :shushing_face:

Riiight...Not that some of us here have pair of eyes and brain to analyze it, or had previous experience with Deepin + hundreds of bug reports behind the back... :upside_down_face:

It's hard not to extrapolate future of Deepin both as distro and DE, given design was the only thing which held people back on it.

+ now there are too much vectors of privacy violation possibilities, so even biggest proponents of Deepin run away.

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