Manjaro-Deepin edition on hold

this is really cheesy colourful. :open_mouth:
Would need to change the layout asp.

I've Arch-deepin installed. - I assume I'll get the updates of DDE when available?

I'm afraid I don't think so.
Archlinux packages are still pulling from linuxdeepin github repos where there haven't been any updates at all.
Tbh I don't even know where Deepin is hosting its current code ...

OK, thanks. I'll stay tuned.
Maybe, if you build a Manjaro deepin iso, I'll switch back to Manjaro.
I'll check in arch forum later on maybe.
I guess it's still too early to tell. deepin 20 is in beta only atm.

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Let's see what the guys on arch answer:
Future of deepin DE on arch

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they will publish the repo as soon as they hit the stable release
but you can find the beta packages located here … ol/main/d/

for example the deepin-terminal from v20 is … rig.tar.xz

actually it's called "Beta 20" and not "V20"


Well, those are the compiled packages, no source code. If Deepin decides to go closed source now, there is no way we can provide the DE on Arch-base.

Yes I know. - I hope they won't go for closed code. :confused:
We'll need to wait until it gets stable.

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I'm still on Deepin and will happily wait for the latest release. If it indeed gets pulled out from Manjaro for good, it'd be a sad day for Deepin users. I was quite fond of this DE and will miss it. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. Thankfully, there are other DEs supported for me to choose from to fall back on.


An Archer will port the .tar.gz files to AUR. - For the very impatient! :smiley:

I really don't think that they will go for closed source for the stable release, it would trigger an immediate fork.

Ubuntu DDE Beta has been released a few days ago.

They tell, that they compiled the source by themself to ensure that no spyware is included.

Then i want to tell you, that i tried the Deepin v20 Beta - the first impression was a dissapointment. I hope they don't sacrifice the best desktop i ever used and will get the things done in v20.

Yeah I was also disappointed by some artifacts, little bugs and the lack of animations but all of this is just because its a beta build so its totally normal. They also built a lot of pre-installed application and this is super cool, they have have their own style, you can only see thoses beautiful app on dribbble or uplabs. It blow my mind that they actually did it

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Is there any update with Manjaro with deepin 20? @oberon

The DE of deepin 20 has been ported to the testing branch of arch. Maybe we can see it in manjaro soon.


oh yes, I'll switch to testing on my Arch deepin and have a look at it. - Looking for it! Thanks for the info.

Thank you for the info, hope we see it very soon.

Just enable community-testing in Arch and installed deepin 20.
This is still extremely buggy, I disabled testing and community-tesing again and downgraded.
I think we'll still have to wait. Or better said, I'll wait until deepin hits Arch stable which won't take too long I suppose.
Will keep you up to date. And Manjaro deepin will certainly come then agains as well.

Oh, it hits Arch stable today :laughing:


I will build a test ISO with latest packages then we shall see what we got :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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