Manjaro Deepin is not showing in the manjaro website

So, is still possible to have manjaro with deepin interface? How do I get it?

It's also in the second post of the thread.

Threads are here to be read - that's kind of the point of forums. :wink:


deepin is based on debain stable now

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can confirm. I used it in the past on Manjaro and out of no where it would turn exactly one half of my screen blue tinted. Just the right or left half directly down the middle.

It has been some time so I decided to give it another look. I had issues with keeping wifi connection, none of which happens on my preferred stable desktop: XFCE. Back to XFCE.

To the OP: I suggest installing XFCE or another Manjaro desktop ISO version you know to be stable. Then install Deepin from package manager and on the login screen after boot select the desktop 'Deepin' at bottom right of screen to give Deepin a try without having to commit.

I just got finished uninstalling it. I may try it again once it seems more stable as a change of scenery.

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I can tell you that is working fine, I installed on another partition 6 months ago and is running fine, with VM, office, codeblock,... all the staff I currently use under KDE.
At list on my main hardware, on the other hand on the Huawei Matebook I had many problems and had to go back to KDE.
So I think it can be say that Deepin is "stable" just depend on the hardware.


Noticed the 404 on the Manjaro website today for the Deepin Edition which I was linking to from a blog post. I've updated my link to point to a new domain with functional webpage for the Deepin download. It would be wise if the Manjaro team inspected the number of 404s they're getting on that page to determine if some kind of redirect is appropriate given the linkrot.

With regard to the removal of Deepin from the Manjaro edition line-up I can express only regret in the decision to obfuscate Deepin. As an outsider looking in it seems there's a clear disconnect between user wants and what the Manjaro team is delivering and I will point back to the following thread for anyone trying to understand why Deepin Edition is missing in action:

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People want buggy software which causes issues for them and which can't or won't be fixed?

I don't understand this sense of entitlement where you get to tell people that providing eight or more editions isn't good enough because your specific wants are not met.


In addition to what @jonathon points out above, the Deepin spin was never nor was it ever going to be an official edition like Xfce, Gnome or Plasma. It was a community spin and as such the "Manjaro Team" was not directly involved.


Honestly, yes. In fact, reading through the thread I linked it seems even internally there was disagreement. The most compelling internal argument I saw in the thread linked was that Manjaro was quickly becoming the favored Deepin distro thanks to its stability. And I can attest to the stability of Deepin Manjaro because I felt confident enough with it to use it as a wholesale replacement for macOS.

I can't respond to the rest of your comments as it feels to rife with emotion. Sorry.


I feel that's okay for Deepin users. There was one person in the thread I linked earlier who suggested calling it Betaware and use as your own risk. My personal experience with Deepin Manjaro as been almost completely bug-free so I never understood what all the comotion was about. Anyway, thanks for the reminder. I have the feeling the Deepin users may move to Fedora Silverblue if they can't find the Manjaro CE. That's okay with me.


Well die hard Deepin users probably are using Deepin.

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Certainly could be. The DE is the most zen experience I've ever had coding so I may give that one a try -- especially if it's on Debian now. From my perspective I landed here just hoping to fix a link. :slight_smile:

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That would be a misrepresentation of the discussion. All Manjaro team members "voted" to drop the Manjaro Deepin edition.

Even if that was not the case, open discussion will often show different points of view. That's not a valid reason to say "oh, but there was disagreement which means it was obviously a bad idea".

Link please.

Which is fine, but that just means you're part of the group who have no issues. Other people have nothing but issues.

If you had been on the forum for the past year or so you'd have seen the disproportionate number of issues related to DeepinDE.

Just because someone wants something doesn't mean I have to give it to you - especially for free.

Manjaro isn't wanting "to become popular" or "to get exposure" or whatever facetious arguments are normally used to justify effort at zero cost.

If "the people want Deepin" then I'd probably suggest that Manjaro GmbH & Co KG sells a Manjaro DeepinDE edition from which the proceeds would go towards paying for someone to answer DeepinDE-related threads on the forum.

However: would people pay for DeepinDE? Probably not.

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I'm not asking for anything per se. I did make a suggestion to look at the 404 on the old Deepin Download page. Not intending to challenge your decision Re DDE. But I did come to offer my personal DDE experience and a smart suggestion for y'all to consider on the website UX. Cheers.

I feel like it was the case because this edition became very popular and frequently chosen or at least that was a big part of the reason. Any edition gaining over proportional popularity will produce increased number of threads.

Maybe the other part of the reason was why people were choosing Deepin. Partially because of its look but Deepin is drawing attention of newbie users who are less prone to tinker and understand technicalities.

Is Deepin bugged? Probably, but so is every other Manjaro edition. Is Manjaro Deepin more bugged then usual? This is debatable and subjective.

I was also a happy user of Manjaro Deepin (DE manually installed) at work and was disappointing with that decision. I feel like it was the lazy way out, although I may be mistaken. No matter of reasons why there were so frequent issue threads for this edition, Manjaro devs and community became tired of it. Even if you added a warning, people would use it anyway and Manjaro forum older users were trying to help anyway because it's not pleasant to leave people on ice.


It would seem to me that experienced Linux users don't have as many problems working out the issues with Deepin. Inexperienced users who have no idea how to correct problems were unfortunately flooding the forum with help requests in far disproportionate numbers to the actual numbers of DDE users.

I generally assist on the forum with mostly networking issues. It got to the point where I stopped providing support on Deepin networking issues. I would simply advise Deepin users to test a Manjaro KDE or Gnome live disk. I simply can't be bothered to waste my time chasing down another distro's bugs in their desktop.

If you were putting in major time assisting with help requests on the forum you would probably find you would begin to feel similarly.


The last poll of DE users had Deepin ranked at only 4% of Manjaro desktop users. Perform a poll and the numbers may have increased marginally, however the vast majority of Manjaro users prefer other desktops. Most of the Deepin users are probably only drive bys who test Manjaro briefly then ditch it when they experience problems. Then they go online and report how unreliable Manjaro is and give Manjaro a bad reputation. These are in most cases unsophisticated users who have no Linux experience and really no comprehension of how Linux even works.


Send them to Gitter. LOL. I hear you though and I can understand it was getting noisy now that you've informed me (on my second Manjaro install atm, so still green here). Anyway, thanks for the info. Seems there's a spot to fill in the community and perhaps that's where @ant and arch-deepin come in.

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When I say it was disproportionate I'm referring to the number of downloads each edition receives. The Deepin edition had around 5% of downloads yet led to around 30% of forum issues (percentages estimated and based on nothing but my own guess).

Hm. If the Manjaro team is one thing it's definitely lazy. :unamused:

You do realise that dropping Manjaro Deepin from the Downloads page was also predicated on the exact same issues that ant was having with arch-deepin?

OK. This discussion has once again got to the point of being ineffective.

The existing team can't generate more time to spend on Manjaro.

Noone else has stepped up to maintain DeepinDE or a Deepin edition.



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