Manjaro deepin update is causing black screen on my laptop

Hi, After updating manjaro deepin OS is causing black screen on my laptop. I have waited for some time, nothing happened so I rebooted my laptop.
Operating system is loading now, As usual at start up it asked my login and I did the same.
After successful login , The blank screen comes in my laptop .Please let me know if you can help in this matter. IMG_20190512_0526101 IMG_20190512_0556326

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Hi @shankar! I think you'll find this helpful:


Try via tty

sudo systemctl restart lightdm

Log back in again.

can this work on xfce

Hi @fouadzouraibi! re you referring to this one? Tutorial: How to magically fix most computers that will not boot after a manjaro update!

Yes, it should work. :slight_smile:

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