Manjaro deepin window effects problem

deepin desktop window effects can't be enabled. how to enable window effects?

I'm not using the Deepin desktop environment myself, but window effects are normally courtesy of the window manager. So before you can enable the effects, you must make sure that compositing is enabled in the window manager, whichever window manager you're using ─ the default is a modified version of KWin, the window manager of KDE Plasma, but some users prefer another window manager like mutter.

That said, please be advised that Deepin support has currently been suspended in Manjaro due to too many problems with the porting of the code from upstream ─ i.e. the Deepin distribution ─ to the underlying Manjaro distribution. @oberon, the Manjaro maintainer/developer responsible for the Manjaro Deepin Community Edition, has therefore decided to hibernate the project until the code has been stabilized upstream. :arrow_down:


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