Manjaro doesn't add features, and the features it does add I don't want

I want Manjaro to add a feature which I want. I can't do it myself but it's really important to what I currently think is important so Manjaro should add it.

The developers are lazy because they don't do what I want them to do, but they still find time to add features which other people ask for. That's stupid and lazy.

Those features which other people want aren't what I want, so they are a waste of time and completely bloat.

I hate bloat. Bloat is extra features that I don't want. Not like the extra features which I do want because they aren't bloat because I want them.

Why does Manjaro include stuff which I don't want? Why won't Manjaro include what I want instead of what other people want?

Why can't Manjaro be made into what I want, and also what everyone else at the same time wants because they also want what I want (apart from the people who don't want because they are noob and hate privacy)?

I keep asking for someone else to do something for me over and over and over again and yet they still haven't done what I want them to. This means Manjaro is terrible and shouldn't be used by anyone, ever. I never liked Manjaro anyway because it's made by script kiddies, but I'm doing this because I want Manjaro to be popular because if it did what I wanted then it would be more popular and more people would want to use it because everyone wants the same thing that I want.

It just shows that because you don't do what I want that you don't know what you're doing and I'm never going to recommend Manjaro to anyone.

But if you did do just this one thing which I want then Manjaro would be the best.


Complete rant.

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