Manjaro doesn't load after GRUB

I have a 2008 iMac with Manjaro. I installed it about a month ago, and all was working well (except for some suspension problems I couldn't fix, but that's ok).
Thing is, I replaced the HDD and installed a SSD. Everything was working as expected until today. I tried to start my computer and GRUB does load, but when it starts loading Manjaro OS, the screen goes off and then it doesn't start.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Restore the GRUB Bootloader


Looks like it has nothing to do with grub.
Confusing enough with your post.

Then what happens to Manjaro in HDD? Isn't that removed with it? Or you mean you added another SSD? SSD has an existing Manjaro OS? From elsewhere? Or you installed a new one?

You need to be clearer. Can't help you if we don't know anything.
And provide from livecd OS

sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
sudo efibootmgr -v

Try their solution first! If that fails, read this.

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