manjaro don't recognize Realtek 8821ce Network

Hello. A couple week ago i have new laptop, Lenovo Yoga 530-14AAR Amd Ryzen.
I have Ubuntu now, but actually im manjaro user. I just wanted to test Ubunutu and don't like it.

Well i have the same problme like with other distros on this laptop, it wont recognize network card because it's realtek 8821ce. I also had to some workaround in ubuntu but i forget what.

Like i said just booted from manjaro usb stick and network is not there. I tried to connect to wired network with ust to ethernet adapter but its sad that i have limited connection, and it wont work.

I think i have to install manjaro and put some realtek 8821ce driver on usb stick and then install this driver for usb. I don't see any other solution, because my network simply won't work on this laptop

Hi @anon6495626, welcome back at the forum.

there is a tutorial which could be helpful in your case:

Furthermore, here is a good advice of @tbg:


I just installed manjaro using my mobile phone with usb thetering. I also installed rtl8821ce driver like described in that article, works great. Thanks.


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